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(America): When Slots For Illegals Are Eliminated, America Will Have More Slots For the World's Best, Brightest, and Exceptionally Talented To Immigrate and Renew America.

How should America treat it's illegal immigrants? The Biden pick for Health and Human Services nominee wants illegals to be given Medicaid.

And this is what we think is wrong with American immigration, and one that should be overhauled. Australia for instance, processes Illegals, assylum seekers and refugees in the far off island of Papua New Guinea.

In America meanwhile, illegals are being processed at the border patrol, and it gets even worse, in the Biden administration, assylum seekers will be allowed to travel to the United States as they await the results of their assylum application.

This Biden administration move in championing for illegals, assylum seekers, and refugees has made immigrant caravans all the way from Africa, Honduras, and Haiti begin to travel by foot to the United States border.

When there are so many illegals in America, the burden will be on the American taxpayer to provide them with food stamps and unemployment benefits. Besides, illegal immigrants decrease the slots for the legal immigrants that the United States truly needs. It's why we think that immigration should be overhauled, to increase slots for the best and brightest, and those with exceptional talents that will prepare America for the next phase of growth in the industrial internet of things (IIoT), smart hardware, Fintech, carbon materials, and such fancied fields, which America is struggling to hold on to the global lead.

China and India alone produce two Thirds of the world's PhDs, China has two million engineers. That's what's at stake for America. When the illegals are eliminated, the slots for H1-B Visas, how the most talented foreign workers will be increased ten fold, of course with safeguards so that large businesses cannot use the H1-B Visa as an excuse for paying poor American workers low salaries.

To be black and be a capitalist, and a Republican, is not an anomaly. An incompatibility sort of.

We wish golfing legend Tiger Woods quick recovery in the Los Angeles accident. But here is our proposition regarding the incident.

The next chapter in the American Civil rights movement is the availing of business capital and entrepreneurship to blacks and Latinos. African Americans don't have have to make wealth in their " traditional strong fields" like sports and entertainment".

They can make wealth solving the toughest challenges that plague America and the world. They can wildly be successful creative genius entrepreneurs. The job of diversity and inclusion is supposed to make blacks be included in the former white spaces in powerful jobs, but blacks shouldn't be a tick in the box. An affirmative action hire or elite college admittee. A racial justice issue.

Moreover, the smartest blacks now don't attend historically black Colleges like Howard or Morehouse but now attend the Ivy League and Uber Private colleges like Harvard, Duke, and Yale, then go on to work in Wall Street, representing a brain drain on the African American community when a struggling black business would have needed their talents.

And since small businesses are the primary employers, it means all this black talent that is being lost to Wall Street and Silicon Valley as a diversity and inclusion issue, an affirmative action hire is going to waste in that the kith and kin these bright black youngsters left behind have no businesses to hire them.

And I know Booker T Washington, a Republican by ideology, the first African American to visit the White House, was shamed for acting white when he said that rather than confronting white supremacists directly, blacks should aim for great careers and entrepreneurship. But nothing could be further from the truth.

And another African American leader, Marcus Garvey, said blacks fail because they don't have a capitalistic system that support them. He was wealth shamed for having a publishing company, media house, real estate and a ship which he hoped would transport all black people back to Africa.

But essentially, to be black and to be capitalist shouldn't be an opposite dichotomy. Likewise, to be black and be Republican should also likewise not be an incompatibility. Because where has the freebies of the Democrats taken blacks? They are at the exact same place where the slave emancipation proclamation left them. Someone said the biggest threat of a black is a white liberal, because they act so sweet without really meaning it, and it couldn't be further from the truth.

Social Byte: Is Colorism deep among people of colour?

The simple definition of colorism is that it's where members with a lighter skin among people of color are treated better than their darker skin colleagues of the same race.

Although it's most prevalent in the black race, it's not confined to it alone. An advert in a French billboard paints a successful French parent as one where a successful black male is married to a biracial or light skinned black.

In India, you wouldn't know that half their population is darker skinned from watching Indian Bollywood movies as all the acting gigs go to the light skinned Indians and not the untouchable dark skinned dalites. 

This has of course spawned a lucrative bleaching creams as blacks, especially females want to be light skinned and upgrade their social status. 

Does Writing Really Pay That Much. Can it Be a Full Time Career, Especially in Africa.

The joke is that one of the ways for you to die a poor man or woman for that matter is to take up writing as a full time career. As a weekly columnist for the Star Newspaper in Kenya, the third in the market daily, I got paid $30 per weekly column of 350 words. Granted, one could say that pay is too much for just 350 words. But it is the quality that matters, not the word count. And I knew I had worked on my craft well, and so I felt shortchanged.

Again, I wrote a 12 page educational advertorial pull out for the same Star Newspaper Kenya, I got paid $100, even as they made $50,000 from the same pull out in advertisements.

Coincidentally, one of their former radio girls come come Group Marketing Manager responsible for those advertisements in my pull out is also dabbles up as a motivational speaker and goes around telling young impressionable girls that you have the same 24 hours as me, or as Bill Gates. So, why doesn't she start with paying people their fair dues first?

I had done much research and knew that as a weekly Columnist for the Telegraph, Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister of Britain, was getting $250,000 a year pay, that is $5,000 a week, just for scribbling a few quality words a week.

I also knew of a weekly technology columnist in The Wall Street Journal that got paid a million dollars a year for a weekly column, that is $20,000. I'm interested in that especially because I did Mechanical Engineering for my Bachelors Degree.

So, why doesn't writing pay in Africa. The reason is simply we haven't professionalised the creative scene, that is writers, singers, actors, et al. It is still a buyers market. They set the price. We follow along. And that needs to change if our kind is going to take up writing as a full time career rather than a side hustle.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Could Bobi Wine rescue Uganda and East Africa

Robert Kyaghulani, better known as Bobi Wine, is a man on a mission. The ragga star turned politician, at only 36 years, is rewriting a new political chapter in Uganda. His political nemesis, Yoweri Museveni, is not taking it lying down and is pulling all strings to see Bobi Wine's political star dim.

Just as Bobi Wine was being born, Museveni was in the same boots that Bobi is currently in. He was traversing the world to tell of the excesses of Milton Obote and Idi Amin. How is it then that this is the political journey of many so called saviours of Africa. That one starts as a defender of the people, but then, after sometime entitlement sets in. Museveni was at one time described by former US President Bill Clinton as one of the rising stars of Africa.

Bobi wine is on a great path. He should champion Uganda's cause day and night. And ultimately, if and when he gets power, he should not fall onto the same narrative of African leaders. That of turning from being a saviour, to being an entitled autocrat.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Paul Allen- How Kenya can create more Paul Allens

The co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen is dead. He lives a rich legacy behind, that,s how fellow Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, describes him. Then, how can Kenya create more Paul Allens? Here's how. Kenya needs to get three things right, and if it does, a slew of Paul Allens will be created.

We have to get it right in our education system. Right now, our education system focuses on too much rote learning, in place of an all round education that imparts skills and knowledge to our children. Our universities must not just produce job seekers but graduates who will innovate and above all become real world class entrepreneurs.

Secondly, there has to be real capital that flows into the knowledge economy in the form of venture capital. Silicon Valley in the US was able to grow and flourish because of real availability of capital. In Kenya, we are not funding ideas of the knowledge economy. We are merely funding old money ideas in the form of brick and mortar. If a young lad went to a bank without collateral, he would be chased away very fast.

Third, we must create a market for our products. Right now, we don't have a market for the knowledge economy. Our internet infrastructure is almost nil. Our market for idea businesses is almost nil. For entrepreneurs therefore, they have to create a market first, then build the service or product. This takes a huge toil on them.

If we focus on the above three factors, then be assured that Kenya will produce many more Paul Allens now and in the future. It can be done.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Sonko should stop cheap publicity and turn around Nairobi

Nairobi was once described as the beautiful city in the sun. The late Julius Nyerere, the founding father of Tanzania, described Nairobi as Africa's London. He said that you didn't need to visit London, instead, Nairobi was London. Then why is Nairobi not described as London right now? The answer lies in the poor leadership of Nairobi. Nairobi needs more of a first class manager than a politician. Sadly, Nairobi voters voted for a politician, and not a technocrat manager. 

Polycarp Igathe, who would have been a great technocrat turn around manager, resigned in huff in January. Sonko, instead of addressing the issues that Nairobi faces, has instead chosen to rule Nairobi by use of publicity stunts. Nairobi has so much to offer. It is the great metropolis of East and Central Africa. It has to market itself as the gateway to Africa. Also, the sprawling city could be the innovation hub of Africa, in essence creating Africa's silicon Savannah. Nairobi has the talent needed, venture capital funds are pouring money into promising start ups. In a few years time, all these start ups will become fully fledged companies. Heck! we could even have a few tech super stars that will compete with the likes of Google and Amazon.

Let's not forget that Nairobi could also be the great transport hub for Africa, acting as a great link for international flights. Already, in a few days, Kenya Airways will be flying direct to New York. As a financial hub, Nairobi too would do well. It could serve as Africa's center for financial services. In that tune, it could become a Singapore, Hongkong, London, or New York of Africa. Just as South Africa's Gauteng province acts as a financial hub, and contributes to 10 percent of Africa's GDP, Nairobi could follow that route too.

So, what's needed to make Nairobi great is a focused and determined leadership. The question should be, Is Sonko the right manager for Nairobi? The answer is absolutely not. He's a first class politician. It is then time to focus and put pressure to Mike Sonko to urgently reform Nairobi. It will be one of the best gifts for Africa.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Is Africa becoming a Chinese Colony?

Africa has always blamed the West- Europe, for its underdevelopment. But now, a new master of the continent is emerging- China. In the past few days, there was an uproar after a popular Zambian newspaper- The Zambia Times, was published in mandarin- a Chinese dialect.

China wants the relationship between it and Africa to be one of mutual benefit to both parties. China has advanced to Africa loans to develop. It has availed its technology to Africa, especially in the big infrastructural projects. True to form, Africa has embraced China like no other friend. The recent China-Africa summit in Beijing is a point in focus. In it, China promised to continue the good bilateral relations between it and the continent, and even promised to forgive its loans to the poorest of countries. However, there is emerging doubt whether this relationship is two sided. For instance, the technology transfer to Africa is just not there. In the SGR project in Kenya for example, thousands of Chinese are engaged to do low level jobs that the locals can do. The locals, even engineers, are left to do manual tasks that do not inculcate any skills.

Even then, the loans themselves are prohibitive. When the terms of the loans are not adhered to, the Chinese have violently moved on to take over the project. For instance, a whole national airport in Zambia has been taken over by the Chinese after Zambia staggered in paying its loans.

Then, there is the little question of racism. The whole relationship between Europe and Africa has been underpinned by the fact that Africans are inferior to Europeans. It doesn't feel different for China. Recently, a Zambian student studying in China was beaten to death by Chinese students, for dating a Chinese lady. In the social media video, the student, Chrispine Mwale, is reminded of how poor Africa is.

The above altercations may point only to Zambia. But example after example in Africa, it seems the the relationship between China and Africa is one sided, and must be re-calibrated if Africa is to benefit, as the Chinese are now benefiting.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Time for referendum is ripe, but it should be to better Kenyans' lives

The push for a referendum is being supported by more and more people, except the Deputy President William Ruto of course. The current debate is that we are over represented. What is the work of the senate? What is the work of all these MPs? Let's compare ourselves with the United States for example, from which we borrowed much of the present day constitution. The US has 435 congressmen, similar to MPs, but it is the size of subsaharan Africa. Kenya, the size of a state like California, has 290 legislators. What about the cost? And the pay of the legislators? Our MPs earn among the highest salaries in the world, and yet, we are among the poor countries on earth. And before we even go further, what is the work of women representatives? Is it just for affirmative action? We can have affirmative action in other ways, but it should not be at the expense of burdening Wanjiku.

What is the work of the senate? If its to defend devolution, it has failed in its mandate, as the government is busy eating into devolution day by day. The solution is this. Let's slash the number of MPs to just 94, the number of counties to just 14, remember, the counties are supposed to be self sustainable.  Presently, they are not. The number of senators to just 14, and the number of governors to just 14. We would save huge sums of money if we went with this approach. More importantly, Wanjiku will not be over burdened as is the case now.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The pact between the Odinga, Moi, and Kenyatta Families.

Deputy President William Ruto is at it again. He's called Raila Odinga a conman. The DP has called President Kenyatta's and Raila's handshake as not being sincere. The handshake was a pact between the two royal families that have dominated politics since Kenya's independence. Raila, a leftist wants Kenya to be a socialist utopia, where public service would be the clarion call for us. On this, Raila envisions Kenya as being along the lines of Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden. On the other hand, Uhuru Kenyatta is a right wing capitalist who envisions Kenya as being the epicenter of business activity in Africa, and where business spurs on growth.

Both of these visions are good for Kenya. What we need is a healthy mix of both, since one system alone can be dangerous for us. Where does Ruto fit in this. Thus far, the Moi family could be the centrist ideologue for Kenya, balancing things between the Odinga and the Kenyatta dynasty. The emerging revolutionaries in Kenya must draw their lines according to these three families.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Jail the rich and powerful, and we will have won the war on corruption.

DPP Nordin Haji is hellbent on making sure that the corrupt are put behind bars. However, to date, we have not seen a senior public figure head to jail. This is our failing. Only the small fish are being netted. Let's look elsewhere how they have managed to tame corruption. In the US, the corrupt are brought before courts, and handed lengthy jail sentences. In Europe, the corrupt resign immediately once they are caught. In China, the corrupt, however mighty, are executed.In Japan, the corrupt commit suicide once they are found out.

In Kenya, what do we do to the corrupt. We glorify them. We want to be a part of them. We want to eat some of their ill gotten wealth. And the best of them, we elect them to office, and protect them, from the enemies of our communities, because they want to finish us. Can we as a country make a promise that we'll fight corruption and that just as the small fish are caught, the bigger fish will also be caught. Its the only way to develop our dear country.

What Kenya needs is a movement, not a revolution.

Right now, there is no opposition in Kenya. Since the famous handshake, Raila Odinga has abandoned his supporters, and gone to bed with Jubilee. While many clamor that Kenya needs a revolution urgently, what we really need is a movement. Look, Raila Odinga has been the head of the revolution in Kenya for the last twenty years. Every time, his revolution has been cut off. In 2007, his revolution came to a naught after a bungled presidential election. In march  2018, his revolution came to a naught after the famous handshake, what many are now calling a 'handcheque'. 

However, I opine that what Kenya needs is a movement and not a revolution. A movement is fed by the rank and file, that is by everyone, not just a leader alone. In 2018, Uhuru not only managed to bring Raila on board, he did so on the entire opposition. So much so that the most vocal MPs in calling for tax increases were actually ODM MPs. Does a movement need a leader. Yes, but the leader is not absolute. He feeds into the rank and file, and makes the movement to mutate. He makes the movement to adapt. He makes the movement to be unstoppable. However, unlike a revolution, when the leader is compromised, the movement is left intact.

Kenya could have taken off in 1963, but greed and tribalism did not allow it. Kenya could have taken off in 1978, but political consolidation by Moi ensured that his first task was self preservation. Kenya could have taken off in 1992 at the height of multi-partyism, but naked ambition and tribalism curtailed it. In 2007, Kenya could have taken off, but a bungled Presidential election ensured that the dream was deffered. In 2018, the handshake deffered our dream for take off again. Right now, the Kenyan revolution must mutate and become a movement. Its the only way that we will rescue the failing Kenyan state.

Ruto wants to be the head of a movement, not a revolution.

2022 is far, but we are already deep into politicking. Deputy President William Ruto has come out as a key adversary of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. William Ruto wants to take over the revolution that Raila Odinga abandoned after he joined hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta in the famous handshake.

For starters, Raila was a leader of a revolution, not a movement. When you want to scuttle a revolution, all you have to do is to cut off the leader, and you would have succeeded in bringing he revolution to a naught. Watch how the opposition has gone quiet. However, what Ruto must do is that he must become the leader of a movement. A movement is different from a revolution. A movement is fed by the rank and file, not just the leader alone. It adapts. It mutates. It is unstoppable. Can Ruto manage that? If he can't, who will be the next head of a movement in Kenya?

Jacque Maribe- Why do good girls fall for bad boys

Imagine the TV siren Jacque Maribe had no idea where her killer boyfriend, Joe 'Jowie' Irungu lived, worked, or stayed. She met Joe Irungu in a club, and she fell head over heels in love. Why couldn't she take her time and analyse the man. Why couldn't she take her time and learn the man who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with? While she was still dating statehouse insider Dennis Itumbi, why couldn't she take precaution first? Now, she went from dating a statehouse rumor boy to a complete stranger in the name of Irungu. Before that, she was dating Star newspaper's Oliver Mathenge. Rumours are that Jacque Maribe loves sex and the two gentlemen before Irungu couldn't satisfy her in bedroom matters.

Now, her career in the media could be almost over, just because she wanted something extra between the sheets. Some have defended Jacque Maribe in that a woman always wants security. One commenter on twitter said that ' If the guy has taken pictures with guns, told you he works for a private security firm with international credentials, and told you he has killed al-qaeda members, what more could you ask for as a woman? If Biology intended that good girls date bad boys, then it is imperative that good girls date good boys, then try to inculcate the characters of bad boys into good men. It could be a tough balancing act but it could work.

Jacque Maribe- Is the Kenyan middle class rotten to the core

Citizen TV news anchor , Jacque Maribe, will appear in court this morning for the murder of Monica Kimani. His boyfriend, Joe 'Jowie' Irungu, is the lead suspect in that murder. What's interesting is that Jacque Maribe is the one who reported that story, without ever blinking an eye. As the rush for ratings among our media houses continue, may be we have goten the whole quality thing rong. How does a journalist get implicated in such a 'gangster' life. What does it tell of the media house that she works for? Is the rush for quick riches in our society so pervasive that we have forgotten the basic rules of decency?

We all want quick fixes. Sadly, our role modles are the politicians who loot billions, and we want to also enjoy that lifestyle that they enjoy. And to the feminists, Jacque Maribe is being dragged through this because it is her fiance that is the lead suspect. Somewhere for her, the line between love and common decency got blurred, and she can't differentiate between the two right now. Although the secret life of Monica Kimani has been told, it is now mandatory that she and her family get justice, because she has already gone to the ages. Her soul must get justice. That is our prayer. And for the youth- wealth that comes from taking short cuts is always laced with drama, and would do well to avoid it.