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(America): When Slots For Illegals Are Eliminated, America Will Have More Slots For the World's Best, Brightest, and Exceptionally Talented To Immigrate and Renew America.

How should America treat it's illegal immigrants? The Biden pick for Health and Human Services nominee wants illegals to be given Medicaid.

And this is what we think is wrong with American immigration, and one that should be overhauled. Australia for instance, processes Illegals, assylum seekers and refugees in the far off island of Papua New Guinea.

In America meanwhile, illegals are being processed at the border patrol, and it gets even worse, in the Biden administration, assylum seekers will be allowed to travel to the United States as they await the results of their assylum application.

This Biden administration move in championing for illegals, assylum seekers, and refugees has made immigrant caravans all the way from Africa, Honduras, and Haiti begin to travel by foot to the United States border.

When there are so many illegals in America, the burden will be on the American taxpayer to provide them with food stamps and unemployment benefits. Besides, illegal immigrants decrease the slots for the legal immigrants that the United States truly needs. It's why we think that immigration should be overhauled, to increase slots for the best and brightest, and those with exceptional talents that will prepare America for the next phase of growth in the industrial internet of things (IIoT), smart hardware, Fintech, carbon materials, and such fancied fields, which America is struggling to hold on to the global lead.

China and India alone produce two Thirds of the world's PhDs, China has two million engineers. That's what's at stake for America. When the illegals are eliminated, the slots for H1-B Visas, how the most talented foreign workers will be increased ten fold, of course with safeguards so that large businesses cannot use the H1-B Visa as an excuse for paying poor American workers low salaries.

To be black and be a capitalist, and a Republican, is not an anomaly. An incompatibility sort of.

We wish golfing legend Tiger Woods quick recovery in the Los Angeles accident. But here is our proposition regarding the incident.

The next chapter in the American Civil rights movement is the availing of business capital and entrepreneurship to blacks and Latinos. African Americans don't have have to make wealth in their " traditional strong fields" like sports and entertainment".

They can make wealth solving the toughest challenges that plague America and the world. They can wildly be successful creative genius entrepreneurs. The job of diversity and inclusion is supposed to make blacks be included in the former white spaces in powerful jobs, but blacks shouldn't be a tick in the box. An affirmative action hire or elite college admittee. A racial justice issue.

Moreover, the smartest blacks now don't attend historically black Colleges like Howard or Morehouse but now attend the Ivy League and Uber Private colleges like Harvard, Duke, and Yale, then go on to work in Wall Street, representing a brain drain on the African American community when a struggling black business would have needed their talents.

And since small businesses are the primary employers, it means all this black talent that is being lost to Wall Street and Silicon Valley as a diversity and inclusion issue, an affirmative action hire is going to waste in that the kith and kin these bright black youngsters left behind have no businesses to hire them.

And I know Booker T Washington, a Republican by ideology, the first African American to visit the White House, was shamed for acting white when he said that rather than confronting white supremacists directly, blacks should aim for great careers and entrepreneurship. But nothing could be further from the truth.

And another African American leader, Marcus Garvey, said blacks fail because they don't have a capitalistic system that support them. He was wealth shamed for having a publishing company, media house, real estate and a ship which he hoped would transport all black people back to Africa.

But essentially, to be black and to be capitalist shouldn't be an opposite dichotomy. Likewise, to be black and be Republican should also likewise not be an incompatibility. Because where has the freebies of the Democrats taken blacks? They are at the exact same place where the slave emancipation proclamation left them. Someone said the biggest threat of a black is a white liberal, because they act so sweet without really meaning it, and it couldn't be further from the truth.

Social Byte: Is Colorism deep among people of colour?

The simple definition of colorism is that it's where members with a lighter skin among people of color are treated better than their darker skin colleagues of the same race.

Although it's most prevalent in the black race, it's not confined to it alone. An advert in a French billboard paints a successful French parent as one where a successful black male is married to a biracial or light skinned black.

In India, you wouldn't know that half their population is darker skinned from watching Indian Bollywood movies as all the acting gigs go to the light skinned Indians and not the untouchable dark skinned dalites. 

This has of course spawned a lucrative bleaching creams as blacks, especially females want to be light skinned and upgrade their social status. 

Does Writing Really Pay That Much. Can it Be a Full Time Career, Especially in Africa.

The joke is that one of the ways for you to die a poor man or woman for that matter is to take up writing as a full time career. As a weekly columnist for the Star Newspaper in Kenya, the third in the market daily, I got paid $30 per weekly column of 350 words. Granted, one could say that pay is too much for just 350 words. But it is the quality that matters, not the word count. And I knew I had worked on my craft well, and so I felt shortchanged.

Again, I wrote a 12 page educational advertorial pull out for the same Star Newspaper Kenya, I got paid $100, even as they made $50,000 from the same pull out in advertisements.

Coincidentally, one of their former radio girls come come Group Marketing Manager responsible for those advertisements in my pull out is also dabbles up as a motivational speaker and goes around telling young impressionable girls that you have the same 24 hours as me, or as Bill Gates. So, why doesn't she start with paying people their fair dues first?

I had done much research and knew that as a weekly Columnist for the Telegraph, Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister of Britain, was getting $250,000 a year pay, that is $5,000 a week, just for scribbling a few quality words a week.

I also knew of a weekly technology columnist in The Wall Street Journal that got paid a million dollars a year for a weekly column, that is $20,000. I'm interested in that especially because I did Mechanical Engineering for my Bachelors Degree.

So, why doesn't writing pay in Africa. The reason is simply we haven't professionalised the creative scene, that is writers, singers, actors, et al. It is still a buyers market. They set the price. We follow along. And that needs to change if our kind is going to take up writing as a full time career rather than a side hustle.

Thursday, 31 December 2020

Happy New Year 2021. What's Your Predictions?

 There are lies, damned lies, and statistics. It's like the English Premier League soccer games analysis just before a match, player x has had so many great goals and assists, his pass through rate is 0.87 so I expect he will shine in this game. Only for him to flounder even before half time. With a light touch anyway. Let's see how your predictions will or will not come true in 2021. Happy New Year 2021.

How much wealthy should the richest (wo)man in the world be?

Samsung case of prosecuting it's former vice chairman Lee shows that crony capitalism, where your path to riches is determined by how close you are to power is the problem, not Capitalism by itself.

The problem with Capitalism is in how to reward the creative geniuses enough for their risk and entrepreneural acumen, yet ensure that that they don't steal from society.

The United States is on the extreme end of rewarding creative genius of entrepreneurs at expense of society, while Nordic Scandinavian countries are on extreme end of rewarding society at expense of the creative genius entrepreneur. Their high tax rate for the rich ensures that radical ideas in the US, like free college and free healthcare, are common street parlance in politics, but the wealth shaming again ensures that creative geniuses heads are chopped off.

Think of Finnish Linus Torvalds, founder of Linux operating system had to turn it to open source whereas it could have given Microsoft a real run for it's money.

My hunch, without any research or empirical evidence is that the $7 million networth mark is the point at which the creative genius entrepreneur turns from helping society to stealing from it. 

My control experiment would be society loves, even worships celebrities because they are operating at the $7 million dollars inflection point, fine line between helping society and stealing from it.

Billionares on the other hand are hated because there is an incessant feeling they are stealing from society, no matter how life changing their products are.

Are oil dependent economies fighting Clean Energy Tech?

Clean energy will revolutionalise the world in never before seen ways. I suspect the only reason fossil fuel industry is still ahead is because of lobbysts and old money networks. Understandably, Saudi Arabia's Aramco Petroleum offshoot management company is the world's most profitable company at $110 billion dollars. 

But soon, when Tesla and other clean tech begin licensing their technology, the Aramco Petroleum company multi billion dollars profits will be chump change. 

And the sad thing is that while Middle East oil countries are set to be shifting to post oil economy in a fast way, oil dependent economies in Africa aren't even startled. 

For instance, Nigeria depends on oil for 95 percent of budget. Other sectors of the economy that were flourishing before oil boom like agriculture died a slow death. The country has lost $400 billion to corruption since oil was discovered and you get a reason why a post oil economy will be a steep learning curve. 

Enter Angola where daughter of former President Eduardo Dos Santos, Isabel Dos Santos became richest woman in Africa after her dad President placed her as head of Petroleum revenue authority. 

Then Equatorial Guinea, a country which has same per capita as Britain, $34,000, but oil revenues is in the hands of Presidents cronies. Millions are poor.

Which is why I'm happy a non oil economy Africa will be forced to think.

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Can the NGOs and Non Profits Exist in a world Where Everyone was Rich?

The problem for non profits has been lack of exit from projects. Think about it. The model of non profit has been built around societal problems. But there is never an exit point since that model would collapse. Which is why smart non profits have moved to social entrepreneurship and impact investing. Which have tangible and exitable timelines.

In Africa especially, as most governments are dysfunctional, the aid industry, non profit and NGOs have flourished. It's no wonder that if Africa suddenly became rich, the likes of Oxfam, Save the Children, UN, corporate social responsibility, would have no reason to exist. I know it doesn't reflect well for sometimes these boutique NGOs do plug in greatly for African government inefficiencies.

Think of the United Nations for Refugees work in the Great Lakes Region for instance. But the elite non profits can spend up to 80 percent of funds on salaries leaving only 20 percent, which Zambian born American economist Dead Aid in her book Dead Aid suggests this trillion dollars aid to Africa is akin to pouring money into a bottomless pit.

Although Bill Gates in his critic of the book said that aid is doing mighty good works for poor communities not just in Africa but around the world as well.

What's the future of the Freemium Business Model? Is the ad model for online businesses sustainable?

A columnist for, East Africa's most circulating newspaper, Charles Onyango Obbo says with the way global commerce is shifting, soon, all business models will be on the Freemium model.

Think of the way supermarkets allow everyone to visit but only a few end up buying. The way online news like New York Times allows you to read two articles before asking you to pay if you want to read more.

Mr.Obbo suggests comically that for the beer business, it might have to do with the first two beers being free and then you pay just when you want to get high. The truck for freemium models is to get the hook and addiction by offering a product for free, then once hooked, you can do almost anything to continue being high. More like binge drinking or a drug addiction.

With Smart Hardware, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 3D Printing, Mechanical Engineers Can Raise a Glass of Champagne.

Finally, Mechanical Engineers can raise a glass of champagne as too often electrical and computer engineers have had a great and remarkable run in the tech world beginning 1950s to the present.

Think of smart hardware. Industrial internet of things,(IIoT), where for example your fridge will run out of supplies and signal the online store to bring in more supplies, a merging of fintech and smart engineering? Or power consumption at home?

What about solid and structural mechanics, fluid mechanics all finding a place in plant based meat and plant based eggs?

The step child of engineering, that is Mechanical Engineering, will be cool again and that was way back during the assembly line revolution of the early 1900s.

But to be honest, it will be a merging of Computer Science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering, and probably Cambridge University (UK), which combines all fields of engineering as a single degree/major probably foresaw this merging.

Propensity to save and Propensity to Invest only Applies to our kids if that cushy job is to be maintained.

Financial literacy is what the Victorian education system didn't teach us. The maxim is that these days most parents, middle to upper middle class at least, teach their kids the notion of unparalleled wealth acquisition- "Propensity to save and Propensity to invest". 

But this is only true if the cushy six figure PWC, McKinsey Bain &Capital job is to be kept intact. Even though most Americans wish they could be self employed as captured by numerous surveys, few achieve that self actualisation goal.

As personal finance guru Robert Kiyosaki points out, the modern Victorian Education system teaches us to climb the corporate ladder, a never ending vanishing point in most cases save for the lucky few, this education system never teaches us to own the ladder. 

And that's why while athletes are celebrated, singers, footballers, et al, it's hard to find anyone that "worships" entrepreneurs, no matter how life changing their product is. 

And that's why for instance while we have baby showers and house moving parties and showers, we don't have as yet have "Small Business Showers", where friends and family can come together donate invoices, pens, chairs, desks, even be the first customers. 

In fact, when breaking out from friends and family to start a small business, the question would be, "Are you sure you want this?" "Will this really work out?"

Microsoft never became an Internet Giant. Google never transitioned from search giant to social media giant. Facebook also won't transition from social media giant to 3D Augmented Reality Giant.

Is this a way for Google to get back to social media spaces, where it's flagship Google Plus failed miserably? 

The cycle for staying on top for internet companies is short. But this is the essence of efficient capitalism. It destroys old wealth, creates new wealth, and reassigns inefficient wealth. 

Think of the way Nokia was market leader of feature phones but failed to transition to smartphones. Microsoft was market leader of software but failed yo transition to being an internet giant. Google's was leader of organising the world's information architecture-Search, but failed to transition to human interactions aka Social media. Bernes&Noble was leading brick and mortar bookstore buy failed yo transition to selling books online.

And certainly the big tech giants like Google will be underpinned as we transition to industrial internet and smart hardware, just as the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok will not be the ones to lead us into 3D Augmented Reality.

Will the Corporate practical life long University replace the traditional academic oriented universities?

These days, as new knowledge is being churned out at breakneck speeds, old knowledge expires just as it is impacted to students. 

And that's why while British Universities theme their pass out parade as graduation, American universities theme theirs as commencement. Meaning you have just started learning. 

In due time, corporate universities will be the in thing. India thankfully already has Infosys which does a stellar job in trying to retain and retrain the world famous graduates of IITs to remain in India while two thirds leave. 

Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Cisco, Sun Microsystems, Harvard Business School are all lead by graduates of IITs. And it could be a wonder if Prime Minister Nehru's vision of building up science, engineering and technology talent for India would be realised in a larger percentage of them staying.




For black people, what needs to happen is more success to be mainstreamed. For at present, marketing Africa is like winking to someone in the dark, they'll never notice. So, for Africa, and black people, the world needs to hear less of sob stories and more of success stories. 

China was seen as a basket case in the 1960s but look at it now, it is shoulder to shoulder with US and even ahead in some areas such as 5G technology. And even in US, you rarely get the Asian Americans caught up in the heated liberals saviour complex black problems emotional appeal for help, and Republicans right to rule by declining power of white male previledge for which Trumpism was the last line of defense. 

Instead, Asian Americans have built a super parallel state of middle class careers and small business excellence such that they really don't need the government, for which the Democrat party depends for emotional appeal for votes. 

Asian Americans are just two percent of American population yet they make up to 20 percent of Ivy League students, and this is after some heavy watering down of their numbers since they don't have a sob story like blacks to get them in, or don't have a donor father like whites, and so are seen as boring premeds with perfect grades but no hooks. 

Asian Americans are suing Harvard since they allege there numbers are kept artificially. When the University of California system abandoned the race quota system, Asian Americans rose to 45 percent, and they want this at Harvard and it's peer Institutions. 

So, for black people it has more to do with realising that governments anywhere are dysfunctional, and relying less on them the better. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



While Everyone Thinks Harvard Has The Lowest Acceptance Record In The World, That Isn't True. That Record Goes To IITs of India, and Alliance High School, Kenya.

One is the Indian Institute of Technologies-IITs, which admit just a handful from the hundreds of thousands of students that apply. While almost no American has heard of IITs, they are so stellar that a Democract ticket 2004 Presidential aspirant Howard Dean asked that Indian IITs graduates be given the automatic H1-B Visas to the United States, a stamp of stellar quality of the IITs. 

IITs count Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Sun Microsystems CEO, Adobe CEO, and Dean Of Harvard Business School Nortin Noriah as it's graduates. An Indian Publication, Times of India, remarked that India's greatest export are CEOs. 

Then the other school with a record low admission rate better than Harvard is Alliance High School, Kenya, arguably Africa's best high school until African Leadership Academy was founded in 2008. 

Alliance High School admitted at least 50 students to the Ivy League every year from 1985 to 2008, and it's principal, Christopher Khaemba, Africa's most decorated high school principal word of recommendation was enough that even a donkey could be admitted to Harvard once Khaemba had seconded it to Harvard. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face. )



How Future of Hiring Talent Could Be Reshaped. FIFA-rising it.

Think about it. Small businesses are the primary employers for fresh graduates. They train these graduates on the job essentials at great cost, yet, they get almost nothing in return as soon as these fresh graduates get the requisite experience and skills and flee to the larger companies. 

Here's how hiring in football world works (soccer for American readers). When a team identifies a talented player, it approaches the club of that player, and transfer negotiations begin. They reach an amicable sum on how much that talented player costs.

Small clubs thus have a justification for picking players players with rough edges and perfecting those rough edges knowing that some day, a big club will open it's check book for the refined talented player.

This needs to happen in hiring world. Once a big company identifies a talented worker in a small firm, they should approach the small firm and offer a compensation to offset the training costs of that small firm. That's how small firms will be motivated to train talent, in fact, selling of talent could surpass selling of a product for small firm. 

Arsenal great manager Arsene Wenger had great invincible squad of 2003/04 that was unbeaten for whole season, even mighty Liverpool couldn't match. But Wenger great magic wasn't that, it was identifying rough edges talent, refining it, and reselling it at windfall profit. SMBs and hiring workers need to follow suit. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Are Algorithms Controlling Our Lives Too Much? An Article on MIT Technology Review Says Yes.

Algorithm,and not people, are the ones that drive conversation in the world today. They decide what kind of news you ingest, not editors. An article on MIT Technology Review outlines that algorithims are driving our lives in not so good ways. 

The article pointed out that algorithims now determined who gets their house foreclosed, who doesn't get unemployment benefits, who do landlords rent out their houses etc. 

In this hard hitting article, the MIT Technology Review writer says that a civil lawyer won a court case by asking a nurse who wanted to kick an elderly person out of the caregivers home by asking her if she knew what goes into the algorithms of preparing a credit score.

 She said no. Which is why, lawyers in the US are also being trained on the art of algorithms so they can better argue the case in court. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Was Trumpism the last line of Defense Against Loss of White Male previledge?

What built Trumpism. What encouraged it. Was it fueled by overt racism or the increasing class inequalities? American middle class jobs are disappearing at a very fast rate to China, the manufacturing shop of the world, and to India, the service shop of the world. The disappearance of the American suburb, mostly white, is this the cause of the backlash that led to the rise of Trumpism and the far right becoming mainstream during the Trump era. 

For while America is welcoming to all immigrants, for while America has always been renewed by immigrants from all over the world, it was by default made to be a European Satellite state where the Anglo Saxon would call the shots for days on end. 

But other demographics and racial groups are catching up with white male previledge, and some like Asian Americans are on average living better lives than the dispossessed poor white.

But the thing is, it is American corporations that invented Globalisation, and they are majorly owned by white males. So, isn't it an irony that the same companies owned by white males are the reason the white male middle class jobs were shipped to China? 

In essence, America needs to move from fractured race relations and realise they have a common battle together which affects members of all races. To fight the disappearance of quality American jobs and ship them back to America. Thus, far right groups need to realise that it is the same white males that are shipping jobs to other countries, and fight within the race to bring back American prosperity.

Bernie Sanders was the best champion of a post racial America after Obama (who failed economically), but the American corporations made sure Bernie Sanders message never arrived home.

 And the day Bernie Sanders dropped his Presidential bitions, insurance shares skyrocketed. Meaning an obstacle in free healthcare and free public education had been removed. So, apparently, free healthcare and free public education are radical ideas in the richest country in the world. These ideas are mainstream in Europe, and even conceivable in middle income countries like Rwanda. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



As Capitol Hill Attack Showed Us, The Internet was supposed to connect us, but it's now an eco chamber where the most outrageous content gets shared the most.

Social media was meant to be neutral and social, given that algorithms were supposed to be neutral. But no, Social media is an Eco chamber, you only get to engage with stories that your fellow friends are engaging with, and in fact, Facebook updated it's algorithims to show you stories that your friends were also engaging with. Think of the way far right wing content such as "Our Country is slipping by", and urging Trump to be white previledge last line of defense gets shared the most.

It's why opinion and news have merged, and just as Obama said, "The New York Times reader reality is very different from the Fox News viewer". 

In essence, the internet was supposed to connect us, but it has put us in silos instead and that's why the most outrageous content on social media gets shared the most, since it panders to the basest of our emotions. 

And so, the neutral BBC style journalism of on the one hand we have this, on the other hand we have this and then attempt a neutral point of view will be extinct soon. For now, just as talk show radio or Fox News, it's shooting from the hip first, and algorithms now feed that into our newsfeed. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Studies show for Minorities yo raise capital in Silicon Valley, they need to have a white partner on board, and then be of Harvard/Stanford Pedigree.

An article by a BBC journalist for the Guardian newspaper (UK) showed that Africanis need to have a white partner on board in order to raise capital of at least a million dollars. And apart from having a white partner on board, they need to have the pedigree of Harvard/Stanford.

Which means that a run of the mill crawling through the window to reach the podium African/minority looking to raise capital for her venture has a snowball's chance in hell of getting capital for her business. 

Even though in terms of class I'm previledged, living at least an upper middle class American life, in terms of race, there are very few black billionares to look up to who are in the real billion dollar range. 

You have a few billionares like richest black man Aliko Dangote, but though he's a dollar billionare, he's in old economy and not in big tech world. 

Students from US place 12th on international high school tests, outscored by likes of Singapore and South Korea amongst other OECD countries. But they score position one in Self Confidence. This is because they have seen it happen in their Homeland, the Bill Gates, et al.

Which is why, for Africa, the key is to create enduring success stories, for nothing succeeds like success. Good in Africa/blacks, is subsumed by all the gloom out there. Marketing Africa/blacks is like winking to a person in the dark, they'll never notice. Success begets Success. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Apart from a Japanese Family Business and the Catholic Church that have lasted over a Thousand Years, Few Businesses Last Beyond A Generation.

General Motors is playing catch up with Tesla in the electric vehicle segment and it's launch of BrightDrop to take advantage of the last mile and last five feet delivery is an exercise in this pursuit. 

Which makes me think, was Jim Collins, author of "Good to Great", a look into the most enduring companies of our time an exercise in futility? Was it an analysis of a real space time continum only knowing that todays great players will go the dinosaurs way in the next dozen or so years. 

As far as I know, there is a Japanese family business that is a thousand years old, and then the Catholic Church, arguably the world's oldest corporation. 

Apart from those, the average life cycle of a company, even for great ones, is just a few dozen years, and that's why Tesla a complete non entity just five years ago, is valued at $850 billion dollars while Toyota the world's largest automaker in numbers, is valued at just a fraction of that. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



What's The Perfect Ratio of IQ (Hard Technical Skills), Versus EQ(Soft Personality Traits) in a Successful Job Candidate?

A contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Bill Taylor, argued in an article that the reason why start ups we're pacing to the billion dollar unicorn status so fast was because of acqui-hiring, where a big company acquires a small company so that it can get the services of that one great employee in the start up. 

Bill Taylor argued that one great programmer is better than a thousand average programmers, to which angry readers replied that one great Shakespeare is better than a thousand Bill Taylor's. 

But is what what Bill Taylor suggesting true? That great talent outpaces average talent many times over? What if the great talent was a jerk that doesn't know team work and collaboration, while the average takebt can be trained over time in the technical skills but is good in team work, networking and collaboration and team building? Would Bill Taylor's assertions still hold true?

Companies like PWC and Mckinsey measure IQ by past experience, grades and aptitude tests. They measure soft skills by personality and behavorial tests. But still, no one knows the right balance between hard technical IQ and soft personality values. This is why some say the Human Resources department is the weakest link in the success of a company.

For universities, especially American ones, they measure IQ by GPAs, grades, SAT, GMAT, LSAT, GRE and related aptitude tests and they measure EQ by extra curricular activities like class Presidency and being chess player although that is like comparing oranges and apples if you ask me, which makes the job of the admission officer in giving space to the next Facebook founder, next great President, next Cancer Cure Scientist a particularly hard one. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



What's the Future of Work as 8-5 Job, Freelancing, Subcontracting, Gig Working, and the Consultant Merge?

Sites such as upwork, formerly elance, task rabbit, and jobber represent the future of work. For while many aspects of life will return after we are past Corona, what will not return is sourcing for work, or working online.

This is why the 8-5 job, freelancing, subcontracting, gig working and the consultant are rapidly merging. 

The challenge will be in replicating the experiential offline work where meeting with real people with feelings can be replicated online. This is where 3D augmented reality will come in, where zoom fatigue will be eliminated and interacting with a person across the screen will feel as though they are in the same room with us. 

This will disrupt not just work but also dating, school, healthcare telemedicine, online shopping and so forth. But the ultimate question is whether the leading tech companies of today like Google, Facebook, Zoom will also be the companies to lead us into 3D augmented reality. 

The nature of capitalism is to destroy old wealth and create new one and as Nokia's and Motorola's and Kodaks went the dinosaur way, the Google's and Facebook's of today will not be there soon. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face)



Silicon Valley Will Still Be The World's Preeminent Tech Hub Innovation, Although By a Country Analysis that Goes to Germany.

A confluence of factors pushed Silicon Valley over the edge to be the predominant tech innovation hub of the world, although by a country analysis that award goes to Germany. 

One is talent from nearby Stanford University, an Ivy League Peer Institution, then Caltech, a theory of engineering type of school as opposed to it's engineering practical competitor MIT, and the best American Public College UC-Berkely. 

Then you have deep industry networjs that allows for fund raising via the venture capital firms that chase you rather than the other way round. 

Thirdly, you have a well developed market for it's products and services in the United States advanced internet infrastructure. It's one thing to have internet, it's another thing to have a market and infrastructure that can enable you sell your product profitably. 

Just ask Google and Facebook where India is their largest internet market by users but they don't make any money there thanks to lower affordability in the population and less internet infrastructure.

So for now, Silicon Valley will remain king, never mind it is in the bluest of the blue states, California, whose politics can get in the way of things sometimes. So, New York, Boston, Tel Aviv (Israel), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Silicon Savanna (Nairobi Kenya), Bangalore (India), Shenzen (China) have a long way to go before they replicate mojo of Silicon Valley. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Mobile Money Mobile Commerce And Not E-Commerce Will Unlock Wealth Dividends in India and Africa.

 The fintech industry is growing but one area it has ignored is mobile money. It isn't well integrated in the West since almost everyone has a bank account, and so, getting a credit card is easy.

But think of Africa and South Asia, where there are vast amounts of people are still unbanked? How can they participate in the global online economy? Answer is simply, make it easy for them to pay through mobile phones. 

And probably the reason why India is the world's largest market for Google and Twitter and yet they barely make money there is because the small shops and restaurants aren't yet integrated online payment systems to pay for online ads. 

Which is why in Kenya, a pioneer in mobile money transfer of sorts, has a leading product MPESA which is owned by Safaricom which is partly owned by the UK Vodafone group. 

MPESA transacts billions of shillings , tens of millions of dollars everyday, making it a lifeline for payment of goods and services and making mobile commerce, rather than Ecommerce, the mainstay in Kenya and East Africa. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face).



America Can No Longer Stand on The Moral Podium And Lecture Rogue World Leaders.

The events of Wednesday last week on storming the US Capitol Hill to attempt and overturn an election loss, a hitherto Third World Concept, point out the stark realities of the US today. That it has lost it's way big time. While Trumpism pointed out that white Americans were losing their grip on power and so latched on Trump as a last line of defense of sorts, Obama also didn't deliver.

 He wasn't the American Messiah that the media had projected he would be for he was the greatest salesman ever invented but the poorest product development manager on fashioning a post racial America in which class inequalities, and not race relations, should be the biggest focal point. 

Thus, America's biggest foreign policy challenge are it's own internal challenges. For it can't stand on the moral high ground anymore with bankrupt cities, strained race relations, the one percent are pulling way ahead, disappearing middle class and uninspiring politics and you get a sense that America State Department can no longer lecture rogue world leaders on good governance and rule of law for it needs to apply these laws itself before it lectures the world about these former American values. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Why is India the largest market for Google and Facebook by users yet they don't make money there at all?

The fact that India is the largest market for Google and Facebook by user numbers, yet these companies make little money in India is where the real debate should be. 

One could be that India's businesses still see online advertising, which make these companies 98 percent of their revenue as not contributing to their bottom line, or it's too expensive. So, in essence then, TV and radio and perhaps newspaper classifieds still remain supreme which means these online big tech companies have more to do to make Indian businesses see online advertising as contrbuting to their bottom line. 

The other reason is that India could still be a Third World country in much of rural population, and could have no more than 20 million proper middle class by Western standards. This could be due to chaos of it's democracy for while China has lifted 500 million people from poverty to prosperity in 30 years, for India, it was only recently surpassed by Nigeria as the country as country with most absolute poor people in the world. 

A Time magazine report in mid 2000s showed that income inequalities in India are so startling that a poor peasant on a donkey cart fetching firewood passes right by a nuclear power reactor.

That could mean that outside of the Western world, Democracy has been a disaster and may be the Communist collectivism of China so demonised by the West isn't so bad after all.

With American internal problems becoming it's biggest foreign policy challege, it's safe to say while America paused, India wobbled, Africa stagnated, but China pased ahead. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



As We Spend More Time on Apps Than TV, What's The Future of TV?

 Apps are giving TV watching a run for it's money, with a survey showing that we now spend an average of three hours on apps , as compared to about four hours on TV per day. 

The only thing that has helped TV not to go the dinosaurs way is that it was never free and when cable arrived, it's subscription model was top notch. 

But people want to be engaged and the broadcast one directional top down approach of TV is it's main undoing. That's where apps come in like Facebook or Twitter allowing us to engage with TV content on a real time basis. 

But eventually, TV will need to be like gaming and make the viewing experience to be a two way traffic without leaving the TV, making TV itself it to he it's own social media also. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



While some aspects of life will return to normal after Corona, one that will not go away is Remote Work and School. It's Why the Chief Technology Officer will be the most powerful job.

 As work shifts remotely, will the Chief Information Officer-CIO, and Chief Technology Officer-CTO, be the most powerful positions in the company, even more powerful than the Chief Finance Officer, or ultimately, Chief Executive Officer, more like club coaches are paid more than the club manager.

While the Human Resources Manager begged to be given the same seat as the Chief Finance Officer, for which she was never given, the Chief Technology Officer will not beg, it is the CEO and the baord that will beg for his input into the company's overall business strategy.

While some aspects of life will return to Pre Corona Periods, other aspects are gone for good. One thing that will not go away is online work, online learning, and online shopping. It's why Personal Computer sales will not go anytime soon. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



As Extreme Right Wing Content Gets Banned In Social Media Aren't We in Danger of Blocking Alternative Views?

Big tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter were set to be like telephone lines where they would not be responsible for the content of the calls. But more and more, as extremism rises online, they have had to make editorial decisions on which content stays and which content goes. Doesn't this make them publishers and not platforms, and so, they lose protection of section 230 where they were just distributors. 

Facebook and Twitter are increasingly employing fact checkers and moderators which turns their work into that of an editor, as the banning of Trump on Twitter and Facebook amongst other social media platforms shows. 

And frankly, in terms of influence, Mark Zuckerberg is now more powerful than Trump or Biden in shaping American and the world opinion and information flow and this is in itself terrifying. 

For where freedom of speech ends is where authoritarianism begins, even if that road is paved with good intentions, as at present about blocking extreme right wing conservative opinions in American thought process. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Are Some University Degree Majors Useless? Is the Job of a University to Train You to Think or To Get a Job?

 Investing in stocks is quite a new phenomenon in the developing world where the investment financial instruments aren't so deep.

It's why courses like Actuarial Science common in the UK (Insurance and long term investment planning, and Financial Engineering (Derivatives trading) common in the US were started by African, Arab, And Asian Universities but their graduates end up jobless in their specialised Fields but now have to compete with Bachelor of Commerce, Business Administration and Finance. 

It shows that one, developing countries need to view stocks, derivates, bonds and paper wealth as alternative forms of investment whereas before, buying land, owning a transport business or supermarket was viewed as the ultimate investment. 

It's why according to Peruvian Nobel Prize winning Economist Hernando De Soto, the level of what he calls dead capital capital, which simply means that wealth that has not been formalised, is $10 trillion dollars in the world, much of it in the developing world. 

When this wealth is formalised, poor country people will be able to borrow loans from banks and expand their businesses, and then take their businesses public and that's how most people will invest in stocks and ultimately provide jobs to the new age Finance and Actuarial Science graduates.

But ultimately, when Acturial Science and Financial Engineering degree majors fail to find jobs in Africa and much of Asia due to low penetration of paper wealth, is the job of a university to train you for a job, or to train you for the mind and to think, as American scholar William Deresiewicz argues in his hard hitting essay "Disadvantages of Elite Education." Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Is China Banning Google and Facebook motivated by need to grow home internet companies, or to spy on it's Citizens.

Does every continent need it's own search engine? Is China banning Google, Facebook, and Twitter and opting for home grown versions in case of Baidu-Google replacement and Weibo-Facebook and Twitter replacement. 

The ultimate question is whether China banning Google Facebook Twitter was motivated by a need to grow home based versions of these American platforms (which EU has been trying to do with euphemism of greater user privacy protection), or is China motivated by need to spy on it's citizens?

Will what happened by Trump fanatics storming the US Capitol Hill, the center of US democracy, have been allowed to be broadcast to the world by China as the US and international media did?

The Chinese Tianmen square massacre of 1989 wouldn't have been broadcast to the world if you ask me, and any journalist that would have tried to do so would have been sent to a reeducation camp, a euphemism for torture of dissidents. 

The late Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi, a dictator of sorts, on realising the respected American weekly newsmagazine had written a disparaging remark on his, once the the consignment of Time Magazine landed on Kenya's main Airport JKIA, he sent his errand boys to buy all of the consignment. So, no Kenyan read the disparaging remark on him in Time Magazine.

Autocrats certainly don't have such pleasure of stifling dissent in the age of social media as China will in deed find out in censoring it's media especially on reeducation of Muslim minorities, a euphemism for torture.

Which is why it is ironic that China wants you be a world power, yet it doesn't know how to win the hearts and minds of the world by embracing virtues such as freedom of press, dissent, and opinion. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face).



US-China Trade War Is A Race To The Bottom. No One Will Win.

Lenovo represents the best of Chinese companies. During the Hu Jintao Presidency, China set out to have at least a hundred Chinese in the Fortune 500 Global companies. 

But these global expansion of Chinese companies is causing friction with America which essentially is a corporation, by which I mean it is the American corporations and not the American people that dictate the course of US politics.

When American technology companies felt threatened by Huawei advanced 5G technology capabilities, they lobbied the US government to ban Huawei on charges of epsionage and spying. 

Couple that with Trump rhetoric on US jobs disappearing to China and was the essence in which he got support from disefranchised poor whites. 

Curiously, it is US big companies that invented Globalisation and benefit the most from it. For instance, Apple is designed in America but manufactured in China at record low prices that can't sustain an American livelihood. 

American companies have created trillions from Globalisation, but it's poor have swelled by the numbers as China becomes the manufacturing shop of the world and India becomes the service shop of the world. 

US-China trade war does not board well for both sides. China needs the US market while US needs China to buy it's debt, thus creating the biggest venture capital partnership in the world. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Trumpism is to America what Tribalism and Religious Bigotry is to Africa, India, and Developing World.

It seems the world is the same after all. For while Trumpism is built on the feeling of a loss of power by poor whites in America who feel their country is slipping by, in Africa, India and the developing world, the discrimination is built by Tribalism, ethnicity, and religious Bigotry. 

Think about in Kenya, the supremacy battle between the kikuyus who feel they are the ones who fought for independence and are this entitled to rule Kenya, and the Luo who feel their brightest sons have been murdered by successive political regimes for being ahead of their time?

Or in Nigeria, where the business acumen and siccess of the Igbos, the so called African Jews, and by extension the Nigerian South builds resentment amongst other Nigerians.  

Or in India where Hindu nationalists feel India is their country and the religious minorities like Muslims can go to hell. 

Or in China where the Muslim minorities are in indoctrination camps where they are being reeducated, a euphemism for torture and oppression.

The bane of the world today is identity politics. Smart politicians find any small difference and exploit that. It could be region, religion, tribe, or race.

The only war the world needs to be engaged in is individual inequalities. This cuts across countries and demographics. For the rich of the world have gotten so far ahead than the rest of us, and probably that's why they want to immigrate to Mars for now they feel that the earth is beneath them.

It is why this website advocates for Compassionate Conservatism. That simply means capitalism with a Human Face. That the creative genius is only rewarded up to the extent that (s)he doesn't steal from society. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



The Future of Football (Sports) is a Titanic Battle Between Sports as an Exact Science (Christiano Ronaldo), and Sports as an Art of Beauty (Lionel Messi).

There is no doubt that the biggest players in football (soccer for American readers), are Christiano Ronaldo the Portugal international and Juventus player, and Lionel Messi, the Argentina international and Barcelona player.

But there is a vast difference between the two players. Christiano Ronaldo came through the ranks of a soccer academy. He is more concerned on stats and velocity of the ball. Pass rate of his colleagues. Assists of his fellow strikers. In effect, Christiano Ronaldo approaches soccer as an exact science and was trained so. He is a goal scoring machine simply because he converts all these stats to his favor. 

Then there is the other soccer GOAT, Lionel Messi. Lionel Messi views soccer as an art and is interested in the beauty of it. He is fascinated in dribbling the ball past his opponents and entertaining his fans before he scores. He isn't interested in the pass rate of his colleagues. 

Even for international teams, Brazil abandoned soccer as an art and the beauty of it of the likes of Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Pele, Ronaldinho and opted for the more fast and technical game of Europe. It was given a 7-0 drubbing by Germany in the 2014 World Cup, and eliminated by Belgium in 2018 World Cup. 

So, for Germany, soccer is the clinical science of it, while Brazil should have maintanined their individual brilliance and beauty of the sport. 

So, again, who is the Greatest of all Time between Christiano Ronaldo who approaches soccer and sports as an exact science versus Lionel Messi who approaches soccer as an art and is mesmerised by the beauty of it. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Are American Big Elite Corporations really serious in nurturing a great working place for minorities and women?

The Harvard Chief Diversity Officer said she wants to work herself out of a job. That means she wants to mainstream diversity so much into the Harvard psyche as to leave any doubt that minorities and women deserve a place at the main dinner table of white male previledge, not just for them to get crumbs. 

But at Harvard Peer Institution, at least in presitige, Google, a black woman was fired for bringing up issues of diversity to the table. She has worked for Apple and Microsoft and says her next stop is a non profit which she leads, for she is just tired of the hipocrosy of these big American corporations. 

And again, in another big tech company, two black women were given a years worth of compensation worth about a hundred thousand dollars yet when they complained about racial and sexist microagressions at the company.

Yet when a white woman compalained of sexism at the company, she was given a million dollars compensation, leading to the two black women to say they had laid all the ground work for the white woman only for her to come and collect the cheque.

Which begs the question, are American big elite corporations really serious in nurturing a great working place for minorities and women, or is diversity just a nice term a check list tick in the box criteria to mark but which will never be mainstreamed. Home of Compassionate Conservatism.(Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Should social media giants now be held as publishers? In the wake of the Trump ban of his accounts, how far can social media police the internet?

Now that Trump is Permanently suspended, will the right wing form their own social media platforms, like the way they formed Fox News to take on the liberal CNN, CNBC and the likes? However, owing to pressure Fox News moved from a hard hitting right wing station to mellowed down centrist channel once an establishment Republican Paul Ryan joined it's board. 

Extreme right wing tabloid Breibart news seems the alternative media outlet for the far right at present, and I'm sure conservatives are mulling over the fact the big tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become too left leaning and a threat to the future of the Republican Party. 

In essence, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media platforms have now become publishers like say New York Times or CNN. But the reason section 230 protects them is because they are Newsstands, essentially distributing Newspapers, so, they aren't responsible for the newspapers they distribute, in this case, user generated content. 

Should social media giants now be held as publishers? In the wake of the Trump ban and suspension of his accounts, how far can social media police the internet? Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Instead of Baby Showers and House Moving Parties, Why Don't We Have Small Business Showers?

This idea is adapted from a certain tweet. So, here it goes. Instead of baby showers and house moving parties that we all love, why don't we instead conduct small business showers more often?

In this, when our relative or friend wants to start a small business, we organise a small party for them, bring invoices, office desks, pens, chairs, and even some of the early stock they need. We even become their first customers.

But the reason this idea isnt widespread is that most of us don't think of breaking out on our own to start our own business is a great idea. A job, especially a lucrative one, is to be kept intact at all costs.

For even when middle class parents in the world today teach their kids about savings and investments, the so called propensity to save and propensity to invest, this is still subservient to keeping the six figure cushy PWC job intact. 

Even though our kids now read Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", which advises us to own the corporate ladder rather than merely climbing it, even though our kids now enroll for Waceke Nduati's Personal finance Centonomy classes, this is only in so far we have a small side hustle of a three person employee business or a six months salary worth of bank balance.

That's why many of us are not converting our talents, hobbies, and side hustles to be fledging businesses that will solve the world's toughest challenges, in effect denying the world clean, decent, and rewarding jobs the world desperately needs. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Whats The Future of Human Resources and Talent Hiring?

In the 1980s, the hiring department was known as the Personnel department. It handled everything from filing employees salaries, their leave dates, their appraisal and such like things.

Then in the 1990s, the Personnel department evolved into the Human Resources department handling slightly more duties and getting an occasional nod from the CEO during company meetings. 

Then in 2000s, the Human Resources department evolved into Human Capital department, where people were now same as machines and invaluable to the company. 

And then in the 2010s, the Human Capital department evolved into Talent Management department where creativity, talent, and innovation was the new differentiator for companies to stay ahead of the curve in a hugely competitive world. 

The Talent Manager will no doubt get the same seat as the respected Chief Finance Officer during the companies meetings, and the corona Propelled Chief Technology Officer-CTO.

But crucially, as talent becomes mobile and global, and as the war for talent persists, the Talent Manager will act more as an agent than as an employee of the company. She will be a subcontractor to the company negotiating the best terms for the employee as well as the employer. 

Ensuring that the employee chooses a job that is fit for her innate talent, skills, and personality, while the company gets value for money. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Are You in a Job or in a Career?

Many people often a job for a career and vice versa. According to a survey by various Human Resource and talent management research firms, at least 70 percent of people in the world are in jobs rather than careers. 

It's a failing of our global economic system as much as it is a failing of us. Modern big tech has produced jobs like freelancing, virtual customer care, sub-contracting, warehouse robot pushers et al. These are jobs that just allow you to pay your bills, not to exert your mind, soul, and heart into solving a unique need for the company, and if lucky, the toughest challenges in the world. 

A career gives purpose and meaning besides the paycheck. Don't get me wrong. Money is important as you need to pay your bills to sustain yourself. That's why most people choose to stay in toxic jobs simply because it gives them good pay that allows them to live a comfortable life.

But beyond money, does your career give you satisfaction? Meaning? Purpose? Do you feel that you are doing something bigger than yourself? Then you are in a minority lucky few that are in great careers. For the rest of humanity, it's all about keying in the figures, pushing the files. 

These are jobs that make you curse when the 5AM alarm goes off, for it's a start of another long, grinding, and boring job in the workplace. It's why most of us simply celebrate Fridays, but curse that 5 AM alarm on weekdays. And with that, 90 percent of the world's productivity goes out of the window. Home of Compassionate Conservatism.(Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Trump, The Reality TV Star, Made The Cameras Roll 24 Hours A Day.

Trump is no doubt a despicable character, or the best thing that happened to media depending on how you look at it. While the media loves to bash Trump, what's always true is that there was never a slow news day when covering Trump. He was made for TV, and he delivered, however much he divided opinion.

He questioned that the deep state globalists with their agenda of a one world government that wants to sabotage the greatness of America was after him. He vowed to take them on. He even attracted Bible carrying evangelical christians even though his racist remarks that for example, he had never seen a country that was led by a black man that was doing well would not be an act of love that is taught in the Bible. He was deeply sexist towards women.

Now that the reality TV star in Trump is gone, the American media, and especially right wing media must find a new champion who will fight their cause, especially of poor and disenfranchised whites who see their jobs disappear to China, their culture and way of life under threat, and the deep state collude to make Trump a failure. 

Because remember that even though America has always been welcoming to immigrants, even though immigrants from all over the world have always renewed America, America was meant to be a European Satellite state with Anglo Saxons calling the shots. But now, that power is slipping by, and Trump promised to put a halt to that slide down of innate Euro American values. It was the essence of Trumpism. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



What's The Future of Right Wing Media Post Trumpism?

 Even though the media derides everything about Trump, they never lacked something to write about him. It's why one American writer that was seconded to Singapore summed up his experience as simply boring since the country is so well managed with precision that a journalist basically has nothing to report about.

Media is basically criticism. That's where we thrive. If society functioned perfectly, journalists and now bloggers, would be out of jobs. 

A social media analytics predicts that Trump generated two billion mentions on social media every year, and this no doubt brought a lot of people to social media. Poor rural whites had nothing to do with social media prior to Trump. They had their own thriving local news which they could refer to.

But as their jobs got shipped to China, as immigrants flooded to America illegally and lived right next to their farms, as the predominantly white culture was becoming extinct, they cringed and when Trump emerged, Trumpism was born, taking over from where the Tea Party of the likes of Sarah Palin had left in 2012. 

Trump was a gift to right wing media. He affirmed their fears about the new America that they had not been accustomed to. He Pandered to their conspiracy theories about the "deep state" colluding with "globalists" like Obama to finish off America once and for all. "We are losing our country" is the bedrock of Trumpism. But what next for Trumpism now that Trump will be out of office in a few days time?

How will extreme right wing websites like breibart news survive given that Trumpism was their fodder? In essence, what's the future of American media, right and left, given that an establishment, even boring, President Joe Biden assumes office at noon January 20th. Home of Compassionate Conservatism.(Capitalism with a Human Face.)



How Did A Developing World Dictator Reincarnate In Trump. How Did He Land on American Shores, the Leader of the Free World.

When French Freemason immigrants donated the New York Statue of Liberty to the United States, they inscribed in it, "Come Ye All Persecuted Brethren of The World, Where You Will Find A Safe Haven"- Paraphrasing.

But on Wednesday, the world was taken aback as the leader of the Free world descended into anarchy and chaos, as a group of right wing extremists attacked America's- and by extension the world's citadel of power and democracy- The US Capitol Hill.

 This was Third world Politics brought home to the shores of the United States. It reminds me of my home country Kenya in 2007 December 30 when the soon to win Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga woke up the next day only to find a million of his votes had disappeared and his adversary Mwai Kibaki had won and what followed was a state of violence and anarchy in the most peaceful and stable country in East and Central Africa.

What happened to Raila Odinga in 2007 was what Trump was attempting to do only this time in the most powerful country in the world- overturning an election loss.

While Obama had his flaws such as not building a strong post racial America in which economic inequality and not racial inequalities would unite America, he was still way too advanced for the average African, South American, or Arab dictator. He was not relatable.

In Trump these developing world dictators found a friend and a buddy. He appointed family members to the cabinet and as advisors which rogue country dicators do. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni son is head of military and has warned the opposition candidate Bobi Wine to behave or face the fire on the next elections.  

Angolan President Eduardo Dos Santos appointed his daughter Isabel Dos Santos to be head of the national petroleum revenue of Angola, allowing her unfettered access to the country's country's oil revenues and catapulting her to be the richest woman in Africa. Isn't that what Trump is doing to Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Junior. Aren't they advancing their family's business instead of solving the toughest challenges that America faces?

Trump uses poor whites as his base, an African President uses his tribe and ethnicity as his base, rich or poor. So, in essence, Trump is the developing world, and particularly, an African President Reincarnate only this time he isn't ruling from the statehouse of Kampala, Uganda; Aso Rock, Nigeria, or Nairobi, Kenya. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Harvard Has a $41 Billion Endowment Fund. Why is it not free?

Republicans are pretty sceptical about Harvard, the Ivy League and the handful of American elite colleges. They argue these colleges are liberal indoctrination centers where the far left of American politics has a firm grip on these future American leaders. In fact, Joe Biden will be the first President in 40 years that has attended a public college. 

Republicans argue Harvard has a $41 billion dollars fund that is not taxed since Harvard is a non profit Institution. They argue this endowment fund could educate American brightest minds for free for years on end and provide America with an essential public good- Great quality education for free for American brightest minds. 

Think about it. The richest university in the world has $41 billion dollars at it's disposal. My country Kenya's GDP is $100 billion dollars. Rwandas GDP is $10 billion dollars.

So, why isn't Harvard providing a free ride for all it's students. Well, Harvard argues that only a third of it's budget is fetched from it's endowment. It argues that the endowment is money that is meant to be in perpetuity and educate American future generations. This is done by ensuring the principal amount remains fixed, and even marginally increased year on year to account for inflation. So, Harvard is at liberty to spend only a portion of the five percent returns it gets from it's $41 billion dollars endowment in a year.

But even more crucially, Harvard argues the endowment fund is one just one fund as most people think. It consists of up to ten thousand funds. Donors make explicit requirements on how their donation should be spent. And Harvard can't go against this. For instance you can't remove money from a donor that donated to fund cancer research and put it in the scholarship fund for bright but needy students.

So, for now, Harvard will try and increase the number of students it awards scholarship. But it won't be a full college ride for all of them like say the Scandinavian countries. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face)



Now that Trump is Permanently banned from Twitter, will right wing extremists with some chump change fund their own right wing social media that is more accomodative to their extreme views and conspiracy theories?

Twitter ban of Trump was a long time coming and it would have been double standards for lesser mortals to get banned for minor transgressions and microagressions while Trump uses Twitter as a pulpit to bully his opponents into submission. 

But the question is whether big tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter have now officially become publishers censoring content whereas they were supposed to become platforms distributing all kinds of content however outrageous they were. 

Will right wing extremists with some chump change fund their own right wing social media that is more accomodative to their extreme views and conspiracy theories?

An extreme right wing website like breibart news is now enjoying more readership and fan base than the formerly hard hitting right wing cable TV Fox News after Paul Ryan joined it's board and made its content mellowed down and centrist and more accomodative yo alternative views. 

Presidents Trump's Twitter ban then is more a fight over the future of right wing media more than anything else. For Trump was the best gift to right wing media since the dawn of time. Home of Compassionate Conservatism.(Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Are Newspapers Going The Dinosaurs Way as Under 35 Year Olds Don't Read Newspapers?

It's true online advertising barely funds Newspapers, may be one person blog websites. That's why newspapers have seen that paywalled content is the way to go, freemium model just doesn't work for Newspapers.

My own leading newspaper here in Kenya, Daily Nation, charges $5,000 for a full page ad, it makes roughly $10 milllion dollars profit from it's newspaper business. But under 35s don't read newspapers, so, it's circulation is dropping.

It hoped that allowing free access to it's online content would be supported by online ads. But it has found that it is making only about $500,000 a year from online ads as comapred to $10 million dollars profit for it's newspapers.

So, it's introducing a subscription model. But the undoing is that it's a general reader newspaper, which means like most media, politics and celebrity salacious gossip is stock in trade. 

It has a Business publication, business daily, which is a niche upper middle class newspaper but unfortunate thing is that the upper middle class numbers in Kenya are so low to support vast online subscriptions unlike the Wall Street Journal that can tap into PWC, McKinsey Consultant looking to sound smart to a client for their firm who would find a paid subscription to the Wall Street Journal adds value to her career.

This is just the challenge for media not just in Kenya(Africa), but the whole world. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



What's the future of online advertising as concerns over privacy and cookies tracking persist?

 I will offer some BBC style journalism of on the one hand we have this, on the other hand we have this and then attempt to find some neutrality.

Tracking users behavior online is bad. Online advertisers do it. Repressive Governments do it. But on the other hand, online businesses get better value for money so called return on investment if someone who would be interested in their product actually gets served with their ad?

Which technology would replace this? Newspapers are suffering because all classified advertisers have fled online, since you could spend however much on a classified ad and never get a single customer or awareness of your product. (I have gotten burnt on classifieds advertising myself).

So, which technology will better help online businesses to better predict a future customer who can convert and help boost the small business bottom line. This is the other side of online privacy debate that we need to talk about. Home of Compassionate Conservatism.(Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Entrepreneurship, Like Leadership, Cannot be Taught. It Can Only be Studied.

What if Tim Bernes Lee had decided to license the language he had invented, the hyper text mark up language- HTML, which made the internet, a hitherto hidden scientific and military project, to be now widespread?

 How much does Google or Facebook or Twitter owe Tim Bernes Lee and the other scientists at the European Center for Particle Physics- CERN? Since the later day internet code languages trace their origins there?

It's why an MIT Professor hates these software magnets like Bill Gates or Larry Ellison of Oracle and their internet information merchants like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) or Sergey Brin (Google) because he believes that Software should be like food recipe, widely available but not attributable to anyone. 

Or some might argue that Tim Bernes Lee was an inventor and not a businessman, and the best he could have done is license HTML. 

The age old question then is whether inventors can transition to being great entrepreneurs of their idea inventions, and whether entrepreneurship, like, leadership, can be taught to which my answer would be that it can't. Spotting money making venture is innate. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Evil Tech Hollywood Movies Aren't a Pie In The Sky Idea. The New Terrorism Won't Be What Happened to US Capitol Hill Yesterday. It Will Be Hackers Malfunctioning Our Global Commerce System.

As the world gets interconnected, the new terrorism won't be what happened on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. It would be foreign powers trying to subvert a nations economic system.

For instance, think of interconnected electricity system, fridges that have the ability to order fresh supplies from an online store once they run out without any human involvement will be powered by internet of things industrial technology. Hackers could make people go hungry for days simply because their fridge didn't order fresh supplies digitally while they were away at work.

Thus, just as we develop the technology and the capabilities for the industrial internet of things (IIoT), we also need to develop the technology for cyber security systems to man this new interconnected global commerce system. 

Otherwise, the new doomsday scenerio won't be typhoons that break down your house, but a hacker up to mischief to ensure your credit card doesn't work, your interconnected fridge is malfunctioned, your online power utility is disabled. This has already been forecast in Hollywood doomsday evil tech movies, but it will become a reality sooner rather than later. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Exploring Brazil, The Efficient German Machine of South America.

Brazil is essentially the efficient German machine of South America. While the other South American countries skew towards socialism, Brazil is comfortable in capitalism though of course their former President Lula Da Silva was from the labour unions. 

Though Brazil doesn't have yet have a Boeing or Airbus plane, it still has a robust aerospace industry that caters to a global market. And in fact, while Europe generally is ahead in development, for Brazil and it's former coloniser, Portugal, it's the other way round, it's the Portuguese that are moving to Brazil.

And while Brazil no longer wins the World Cup as it shifted from the free flowing football of the likes of Bebeto, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho, to hard technical football of Europe, it still remains a top ten country in football (soccer for American readers). 

And while Sao Paulo is still far from achieving the level of activity of Silicon Valley, it nonetheless is far ahead of the socialist South American countries. So, in essence, Brazil is the efficient working German Machine of South America. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



How The Problem of Job Experience in Fresh Graduates Could be Solved.

The revolution that needs to be in Human Resources and talent management is that small firms need to be compensated for all the workers that leave it and join larger firms. 

Think about it in the way football (soccer for American readers) are done. A small club is paid for a player that comes from within it's ranks and transfers to a larger club say Manchester United , Real Madrid, or the good old Arsenal. 

Arsenal great manager Arsene Wenger wasn't great for winning titles. He was great at identifying raw talent from the deep corners of the world and then fine-tuning them to the Arsenal first eleven team. He made a lot of money for Arsenal that way. But the clubs he got players from also got compensated. So, everyone gained. 

This is how the question of experience could be solved in the job market. Every company wants a ready made worker that hits the road on day one. It's why modern education system is coming under scrutiny. But no company wants to train talent because it's expensive and the employees will leave anyway. 

So, we need to FIFArise the rules of hiring talent. Let a company that gets talent from another company, especially a small one, pay for every year of service in the previous company. Then small companies wouldn't be so disadvantaged in the war for talent where they spend so much money training fresh graduates only for them to leave once they have the skills. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



The Backlash Against Hollowing out of the American White Middle Class is the Reason for the Rise of Trumpism.

 Detroit Michigan is in the so called rust belt which went Republican in 2016 due to jobs fleeing the city as industries moved out. I have schooled and leaved in a city that was also an industrial giant but also went the Detroit way as industries closed and jobs fled. 

Thika was the most industrialised town in Kenya(Africa), and which incidentally was also the home town of Kenya's first President Jomo Kenyatta. He started industries in his home town and industries blossomed. Cotton mills, juices factory, metal canning and there was even a railway line to the town that came to collect the tremendous amounts of goods that the town produce. Middle class factory jobs were plenty and everyone from the grade two primary school drop out to the doctorate holder found a good job.

But when the first Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta passed on, there were no new factories in Thika. 

I can relate to the run down Detroit. Although Kenyan town Thika went down because the President wasn't anymore to ship goodies to his home town, Detroit case was one of industry upheaval as the likes of Toyota uppended the US manufacturing sector. Japanese management practices like Gemba Kaizen, continous improvement were so good that in Japanese companies you usually kept a job for life. 

And perhaps that the cause of Trumpism in America. The disappearance of quality white middle class jobs. "We are losing our country.". "Our country is slipping by", especially when you consider that even though America is welcoming of all immigrants, it has always been a European Satellite state only until recently.  Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



In Trying to Overturn An Election Loss, African and The World Dictators Are Learning from The Best- Trump.

Here's the moral lesson of Trump fanatics storming Capital Hill, the seat of American democracy. Dictators around the world will be energised. They will hang on to power at all costs. They will argue that if a 200 year old democracy can have a dictator in Trump, why not them?

This is especially so for my home continent of Africa. While I have misgivings about Obama and how he handled certain issues, the fact is he was too advanced for African autocratic leaders. 

But in Trump, African autocrats found a friend in Trump. Trump taught them the basic tenets of hanging on to power. Use divisive language to energise your base, poor whites for Trump, Presidents tribe for African Presidents. Use state power and advance your business and wealth whilst in power.

 Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner for Trump, Isabel Dos Santos for Angolan President Eduardo Dos Santos who became the richest woman in Africa after her dad President appointed her to be head of the petroleum revenue authority for her country Angola.

As we head into elections in Uganda, the country's forty year dictator Yoweri Museveni is looking at the classical rule of tyrants like himself with amusement. He is learning from the best. Trump. By attempting to overturn an election loss, Trump is simply bad for African and world democracy and rule of law. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Can Founders Also Be The Great Executioners Of The Business Ideas They Have.

"While Alibaba tends to have a stranglehold on it's portfolio companies it has invested in, Tencent tends to let them operate autonomously for which it has been slammed". 

The fundamental question to ask is whether a founder with a brilliant idea can also be it's chief executioner. The results so far are mixed. 

For Yahoo, the founder Taiwanese American Jerry Yang was a disaster for positioning Yahoo to be an internet giant. Yahoo's search remains a shadow of the giant Google thanks to Jerry Yangs strategic blunders. So, it might have made sense to have brought a tech industry veteran to shore up Yahoo for which the only strategic investment it made was it's 40 percent stake in Alibaba that now places it's value there at some $40 billion. 

Yet, for Apple, the founder, Steve Jobs was also the great executioner, working out great plans on it's ergonomics design courtesy of a visit he had made to an Indian temple as a College student where even Apple stores look more like serene temple worship places than they look businesses. 

When Apple brought in John Sculley as CEO in 1987, it floundered and nearly went bankrupt prompting the board to return Steve Jobs as it's CEO and it's since one of the greatest corporate comeback stories of history. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Steve Jobs Was So Secretive In Making The Iphone that the Marketing Guys Never Knew What The Product Development Guys Were Doing. 

Apple is always tight lipped and secretive on all it's future investment. In fact, word is that when the iPhone was being launched, the legendary Steve Jobs kept the project so secretive that the product development team and the marketing team didn't know what the other department was doing. 

They only got to know when Steve Jobs was unveiling the iPhone to the media. So, I would expect that the deal between Apple and Hyundai on production of an electric vehicle would be kept so secretive. Home of Compassionate Conservatism.(Capitalism with a Human Face.)



The failing for Trump is that he didn't unite the Poor Economic Classes of America. He Pandered only to the white Poor.

Even as we are on the sunset days of Trump all of us need to ask how this uncharacteristic man ascended to the most powerful office in the world. 

Trumpism was fueled by economic insecurities of the once prosperous middle class America that now sees it's future uncertain. It's powder keg was racism. 

The failing for Trump is that he didn't unite all the poor economic classes of America to rally against the out of control of one percent of the American elite that have gotten so far ahead economically.

If Trump had united all the poor Americans, and not just served white poor, he would have sealed his legacy. For Democrats pounce on inequities of American society for emotional appeal of votes but do nothing once in office. Obama came up short. He didn't build a great post racial America.

Trump in the Apprentice series of the mid 2000s wasn't as radical a racist that he assumed once in office. In fact, it is a black, Micheal Randall, an MIT grad, that won the first apprentice series. 

So, now that Trump is out of office in a few days time, he could dedicate his time in uniting poor classes of America, and not to fight against each other. For their enemies are crony capitalists who have gotten so far ahead they have lost touch of what it is to live in real America. They have added $500 billion dollars to their wealth in last eight months of Corona. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Fearing censoring of extreme right wing content on big tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter, fringe Right Wing Social Media Platforms Spring Up. 

Trump is the big advertiser. They love him. They love this product because his supporters that have fueled Trumpism say without Trump they wouldn't be on these platforms in the first place. 

And sensing that extreme right wing content is in danger of being stifled by the big tech platforms, fringe social media platforms that are dedicated to the right wing are springing up.

Some like breibart news are giving the now mellowed down formerly hard right wing Fox News (since establishment Republican Paul Ryan joined it's board) a run for it's money and you get a feeling that when platforms that were supposed to be distributors take the role of being publishers in censoring content, then you have a huge trouble ahead for free speech and expression. 

This is by no means an exuse for what happened on Capital Hill two days ago. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Facebook banning Trump Could be informed by fact that big Name Advertisers Could be Concerned About The Ethics Of It's Business.

 Trump bordered on the offensive and he had crossed the red line. But he has been good for business generally for he has wracked up numbers and ratings for his tweets and Facebook posts and by extension boosted these platforms reach in the people who feel "We are losing grip of our country", "Our Country is slipping by". 

They have now been offloaded to right wing extremist platforms like breibart news and some right wing platforms have in fact sprung up in what they feel is an overreach on the stifling of their views by big platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Twitter. 

So, now Facebook wasn't meant to be a publisher in censoring content. It was meant to be a platform that's why it's protected under section 230. 

But in banning Trump, Facebook has decided that Trump is simply grave and a danger to it's business for last year, many big name advertisers pulled off ads or paused them and Facebook has forestalled this for Some big advertisers could state advertising on Facebook which gives Trump a platform for his outrageous views isn't aligned with their ethical business. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Harvard Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Wants to Work Herself Out of a Job.

 Harvard Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer says she wants to work herself out of a job. By this she means she wants diversity and inclusion to be so mainstreamed at Harvard that there would be no question as to the place of minorities and women at Harvard.

Tech is particularly prone to conscious bias since almost all big tech companies are men and white. VCs are men. So, we tend to choose the people who look like us for business, networking and even life partners. 

A news report here reported that two black women fought against discrimination at their company but they received only a years worth of compensation as restitution, but when a white woman complained of sexism at the company, she received a million dollars in restitution from the company, leading to the black women to complain they had basically laid the groundwork for the white woman to come and collect the million dollars cheque.

Which is why whereas black males have to fight only white male previledge , white women only have to fight sexism at the workplace, black women have to fight both white male previledge, and then ultimately fight male patriachial previledge of all races which puts them at the tail end of the economic food chain. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



It isn't that there aren't local stories anymore. It's that the financing model   for local news has failed. 

Local news is facing a stiff decline and it's laudable that News Break is getting a $115 million funding. Classifieds that used to power local news is now all handled online with even budgets as low as $10 enough for you to start off.

When you figure technology has enabled the likes of Facebook and Twitter to Target ads as per location, income, device, search and browsing patterns, the local businesses seem to be loving this and are opening up their advertising cheque books, credit cards for big tech contextual targeted advertising.

So, it isn't that there aren't local stories anymore. It's that the financing model for local news has failed. Who can subscribe to a small town or rural county newspaper?

The failing of local news means we look up to the big government to solve our issues, instead of the local government. It used to be that the true American detested government with all it's might and would prefer that government get out of it's way and leave the individual as the master of her own destiny. 

It's why every American President of modern times, Democrat or Republican, has always shifted to the center right. But as local news fails, we have no avenue for solving local issues, and this means the bureacratic big government takes over. Quite a sad state of affairs. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



As India becomes the service shop of the world, and China the manufacturing shop of the world, we could be going to 16th century where they controlled two thirds of the world's economy.

India is essentially the back end office of the world, and simple knowledge work like data entry, software, customer care are handled by Indian outfits. 

They bid so low for American small firms to stay afloat on such websites as upwork, task rabbit, odesk and you get a feeling the American knowledge worker who is not top notch like from flagship state universities, Uber private universities and Ivy League find it hard to get any traction for simple knowledge jobs. 

It's why America wasnt really prepared for globalisation even though it's big tech companies are the ones that benefit most from Globalisation. 

Once India sorts out it's large bureacracy which the studious but self effacing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh tried to do to no avail then the US will have a real economic war on their hands besides China. 

If India has produced likes of Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Sun Microsystems CEOs even with chaotic politics, then sky could be limit if it's public administration is fixed and we could return to 15th century where India and China controlled two thirds of the world's global economy before the Advent of European reneissance and unfortunately some imperialism shifted the scales in favor of Europe. 

And they have made baby steps to regain their 15th century domination. 

Made In China brand is beginning to rival the clinical German Machine. India is service shop of the world. Home of Compassionate Conservatism.(Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Meet Danielle Geathers, the first black woman student government President of MIT who hopes to study patent law in order to plug in the racial innovation gap.

 Silicon Valley leads and others follow simply because of a great mix of capital, talent, markets, and ultimately, intellectual property in form of patenting. Almost no one knows for instance all the 200 factors that Google uses to index a page in it's algorithms.

For instance, during the panda update of 2012, content firms like were hit hard and lost as much as 90 percent of their traffic in the panda update, spelling a doomsday scenerio for article and content marketing for the writing savvy but cash strapped bloggers and small business people. 

Anyway, on another note the racial innovation gap between white males and the rest of the demographics needs to be addressed. It's why the first black student government President of MIT, Danielle Geathers, hopes to study patent law in order to plug in the racial Innovation gap where black innovators simply don't know how to navigate and protect their innovations through patents. 

She is a Mechanical Engineering major MIT Junior and her stint at Proctor &Gamble has exposed her to the beauty of big customer focused research and innovation and hopes studying patent law will amplify this.  Home of Compassionate Conservatism.(Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Even with all the fancy tech, we are still primal beings. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos added $70 billion dollars during Corona by supplying basic of needs- Food. 

The world's food famines is more a supply issue than a scarcity issue argue food experts. As part of the world is choking in too much food another part of the world goes to bed every day without a meal.

But I would like to look at the food problem to from a different angle. Due to the stringent requirement by European Union supermarkets, as much as 50 percent of horticulture is thrown away. This is perfectly good food and it's a shame that the world is wasting so much food this way.

This impacts the poor developing countries that export food to the EU particularly hard. 

Corona pandemic showed that even though we'd like to think of ourselves as way more advanced and tech savvy than animals, we are still primal animal at best. 

Food is our basic way we work so hard and get up to go and eke out a living. Amazon is skyrocketing in market valuation in the trillion dollars range simply because it was able to supply our most primal of needs- food. 

And now it's founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is estimated by a wealth tracking firm that he will be the world's first trillionare by 2026. So much for all the fancy tech, but the richest man in the world added $70 billion dollars to his wealth by supplying food. We haven't advanced since our Hunter gatherer days even though we'd like to think otherwise. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



The Failed Attempt to Overturn Biden Election Victory has been a long time coming.

Erosion of American society has been a long time coming. Harvard claims to have a strong ethics course inklings in it's Harvard MBA program and yet the financial crisis of the sunset Bush years was perpetuated by some of Harvard trained outsized executives. 

It has it's dining hall workers routinely on labour strike for better working conditions.

The breakdown in American society has eroded jobs and living standards also, leading to a feeling of "our country is slipping by" for the majorly white male prosperous generation of the 1970s and 80s and leading them to become the bedrock of Trumpism. 

Good dependable factory jobs have disappeared to China while good dependable knowledge jobs have disappeared to India where someone could do a medical transcription for $1 per 500 word article which makes the sub minimum wage job at Walmart or MacDonalds seem like heaven sent.

But let me be clear. Democrats address the problem but never solve it. They rely on the innate problems of America for emotional appeal of votes but do nothing once in office, and even their best, Obama came up short. They have failed to be the anti thesis of the Republican Party in deeds.

And ultimately, Democrats are elected because they are likeable, so do nothing once in office as their charm gets them to the finish line.

Republicans meanwhile are elected for who they are. Good or bad. Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



America's Biggest Foreign Policy Challenge Are It's Own Internal Problems.

Trump is great for the business of Twitter and Facebook. He has tens if not hundreds millions of followers jointly on both accounts and many people signed to Twitter and Facebook simply to follow the Trump rhetoric of "We are losing grip of our country" . So, Trump won't be banned from Twitter and Facebook since he's  a badly behaved customer but loaded all the same, and big money knows no shame. 

And this is the problem of ad supported media today. Big advertisers which Trump is by the way, are the biggest impediment to a progressive media, not repressive governments. For when they threaten to not sign the big advertising cheque, innocent investigative reporter will get a call from the editor to kill off the story. 

Now, Trump is both a repressive regime and a big advertiser and you get a reason why the big tech platforms can't ban him, a mere footnote on a Trump tweet by "neutral fact checkers" is enough.

Back to problems of America, while America has been built and renewed by immigrants from all over the world, some forced like the black slaves, it has been at heart a "European Satellite" state. Aka Anglo Saxons. And this dominance of Anglo Saxons appears to be on the decline for the last several years and you get a feeling Trump was the last hope of reasserting back the good old white America.

Whites are set to become a minority in America in the near future demographically, Middle Class Industrial jobs have been shipped off to China as the manufacturing shop of the world, India has taken the crown of the world's back end office (freelancing data entry and article writing jobs and they bid so low on sites like (Elance for old folks) and this is just too low for an American. They bid as low as $1 per 500 word article and the slave wage job at MacDonalds or Walmart certainly appears heaven for the hourly worker.

This is the fuelling of Trumpism in America. It is economic in nature, but deep old racism is it's powder keg. America's biggest foreign policy challenge then are it's own internal challenges.  Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face)



The Scary Thing is that as More and Great Wealth Is Being Created in America, Less and Less Decent Jobs are Being Created. This is the Bedrock of Trumpism that has swept America.

Trump panders to emotions of his supporters which is "Our country is slipping by." 

This is about loss of 1960s/70s middle class America though I find it is class inequalities and not race that should be our concern for really, all the world's elite are connecting and leaving everyone else behind them.

Which is why today's inequalities are within countries and not without countries. Great Wealth is being created in America, but not a corresponding increase in number of decent jobs are in tandem with that wealth creation. 

For while a billion dollars farm could employ the whole world, figuratively speaking, the billion dollars industrial company shrunk that to 20,000 jobs which created the great middle class prosperity of America where both lowest educated and highest doctorate holder had a fair shot at life. 

Then came software knowledge economy of the 1980s-90s and you have only the Uber private universities, flagship state universities, and Ivy League graduates got quality jobs. The rest "tired third tiers" run down community college graduates ended up as freelancers, gig workers, hourly warehouse workers.

Then app business is creating ten employee no revenue billion dollars company and you get a feeling we are heading into doomsday scenerio of one person robotics owner/manager trillion dollar company. Which will return us to being serfs of landlords like miedival Europe.

Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



For the Smart HR Manager Looking To Hire, What's The Right Mix Between Hard Technical Skills (IQ) and soft skills (EQ) in the Job Candidates.

A Harvard Business Review contributor Bill Taylor who helped found Fast Company magazine, argues that in trying to find why start ups these days hit the billion dollars unicorn status so fast, says that part of it is in acquihiring. (Acquiring a start up to get it's valuable talent.)

He argues that this is because first rate talent has surpassed average talent many times over. Specifically, he says that one great programmer is better than a thousand average ones. 

To which angry readers replied that one Shakespeare writer is better than a thousand Bill Taylors.

But ultimately, we must question why top talent (IQ) is so prized by companies even when they could be jerks, rather than a thousand average talent that has the right attitude, is willing to learn, and are great at collaboration and team building. (Emotional Quotient).

But what Bill Taylor could have asked is what's the sweet spot between raw IQ and soft EQ. Finding that mix could be the next big step in retooling HR manager and making her a great asset to a company, and elevate her to same status as Chief Finance Officer, or lately, Corona aided Chief Technology Officer-CTO.

PWC does this by a mix of IQ (aptitude tests), and EQ (Personality tests).

For American Universities, its a mix of grades, SAT/GMAT/GRE (IQ) and extra curricular activities (Soft skills EQ). Although comparing class president and chess player is comparing apples to oranges if you ask me.

 British Universities only look at grades (raw IQ) as compared to the soft skills exemplified by extra curricular activities. ( EQ Soft skills).

Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Ultimately, in soccer at least, the biggest battle right now is whether the future of sports will be science and mathematical (Christiano Ronaldo), or an art and the beauty of it (Lionel Messi). (Sorry for US readers.)

For many such as Romano Abramovich, the Russian owner of Chelsea (England) premier league club, their investment into soccer clubs is more an art trophy collection rather than a genuine business proposition. It's a billionares pass time I think for even late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen invested into a baseball club.

A Deloitte report often shows that La Liga Spanish soccer League clubs, English Premier League clubs and Serie A Italian League clubs are on the brink of collapse and FIFA had to come up with rules prohobiting spending of clubs beyond a certain limit. 

But anyway, think of how Veo soccer start up could sell it's data and AI. Sports is now about statistics more than anything else. The old free flowing soccer as an art is now being replaced by soccer as a science. 

Supersport, the equivalent of ESPN in Africa, it's analysts now give stats of player assists, pass rate, velocity, all these being analysed in real time in say Real Madrid versus Barcelona El Classico duel, or the good old Arsenal Manchester United Derby. 

And Arsenal die hard fan and perhaps Africa's greatest sports analyst Carol Radull could dig deep into these stats and even if you think about it, player recruitment will now be on AI and stats rather than pure talent. 

But ultimately, in soccer at least, the biggest battle right now is whether the future of sports will be science and mathematical (Christiano Ronaldo), or an art and the beauty of it (Lionel Messi). (Sorry for US readers.)

Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Big Tech aka Google/Facebook should choose whether they want to be Newspapers newstands (Platforms) or Newspapers (Publishers.). They can't be both.

So in YouTube banning and then reinstating an opinionated UK talk radio YouTube Channel, Big tech like Google and Facebook want to be newspaper newsstands (platforms) and Newspapers themselves (publishers) all at once. They must choose one or the other. They are protected ( in the US) because they are platforms. So, they distribute all kinds of content without being liable for that content. 

In a clause that was included in the US Corona $2,000 stimulus bill, Trump wanted to take down protection of big tech platforms since he argues they are bad for free speech. As all his election fraud related messages now have a disclaimer. 

But essentially, big tech can't expect all of us will adhere to so called neutral BBC style journalism of on one hand we have this, on the other hand we have this and then attempt to find some neutrality. 

We consume content that most resonates with our world view. That's why when Fox News became mellow and stopped it's straight shooting from the hip once establishment Republican Paul Ryan joined the board, its viewers shifted to never heard before breibart news,a far right wing tabloid.

And for big tech, this should be the big lesson for even on their platforms, it's outrageous content that gets shared the most. I'm not saying share disparaging content, I'm just acknowledging the facts these platforms have to deal with in balancing between stopping hurtful content on it's vicinity versus being an enabler of free speech.   Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



While Silicon Valley, the Google's and Facebook's, makes everyone believe that US is the Innovation Leader of the World, that crown of Innovation leader actually goes to Germany.

While the big tech blockbuster Silicon Valley companies have made everyone believe that the US is the world leader in innovation, that is actually not true. Germany takes that crown. And that's because of the innovation of small and medium businesses (Mittals as they call them in Germany.). 

There is a reason why they say it works like the German Machine. Boring, but clinical, and even German football, which won the World Cup in 2014 because of that innovative boring but clinical approach to football. 

Old Brazil model football of a few great footballers aka Pele doing the bidding and carrying the team on their shoulders and the rest of the players slack off is the US model of innovation. But it isn't sustainable in the long run. The German model of small no name businesses doing the bedrock of innovation is the way to go. 

Small businesses are the primary employers for most of the worlds population. They don't just provide the first job for fresh graduates, but they are the training grounds as well for skills, before big businesses get this talent almost for free.

 (And in fact, just like in football where small teams get compensation for a player that transfers from their team to a large team, big companies should pay heftly even millions, for talent trained by the small businesses and start ups. FIFArising human resource and talent acquisition for companies should in fact be the future of hiring.)

 It's why we should support, mentor, provide capital to small and medium businesses and they should be the micro units where the world's toughest challenges are addressed. Not the large behemoth businesses which have in fact given capitalism a bad name because of crony capitalism.

Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



While Most Middle Class Homes Now Teach Their Kids About Personal Finance, Saving, And Investing, that Cushy Six Figure Job Is to Be Maintained. A Business is Viewed as Risky.

By the time a fool has learnt the game, the players have dispersed- Ashanti (West African Tribe) proverb. 

By the time an investment trend becomes news and is mainstream, people have made money and moved on.

Which means a revolution is never announced but happens. It takes sweat, hardwork and tears, before an investment turns a profit. Most people don't want to go through that hard brutal journey. 

Which is why, while most upper middle class parents now have personal finance advise for their kids, the so called propensity to save and propensity to invest, spearheaded by the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, US (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) or Waceke Nduati, Kenya, (Centonomy) personal finance classes, the fact is that this personal finance advice is only in so far as the cushy PWC or McKinsey job is to be kept. 

Stepping out to set out for a start up or business is usually meet with stares that employment never worked out. 

Which is why whereas baby showers and house moving parties are prevalent amongst the middle class, there isn't "Small Business Showers" where we could come around for our friends and relatives that are stepping out to start a business, throw a party, bring invoices, pens, office desks, and even be the first customers of our friends and relatives.  Home of Compassionate Conservatism.(Capitalism with a Human Face.)



In online media, the numbers and the revenues matrix is inverted. The more a niche a topic is, the more the revenues. The more general a topic is, the less the revenues. 

Putting political campaigns off for Facebook may be altruisic, but it could also be that Facebook has weighed in the business bottom line and considered that banning political ads won't affect it's profits that much. 

It's the anti thesis for media. While politics and salacious news makes up for great ratings, the age of online media has shown that they don't bring in as much advertising revenues. It's why Huffington Post is known by many due to it's politics/celebrity slant, has had to close down many of it's bureaus and lay off employees. 

Contrast with Wall Street Journal or Financial Times which are niche publication for elite and you get a sense while it's numbers that drives up ratings, it's insights that drives up subscriptions and financial muscle of online media. 

Even for freemium models niche topics like personal finance command a higher cost per click. There are niche topics like personal finance on Google that command as high as $55 per click. Contrast that with general salacious gossip niches that command just $0.01 per click. 

You get a reason why in online media, the numbers and the revenues matrix is inverted. The more a niche a topic is, the more the revenues. The more general a topic is, the less the revenues. 

Of course, you need some baseline numbers for clicks. Afterall only 2 people out of 100 click on an ad. But beyond that magic number,insight is king.

Home of Compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



As the Relationship Between Harvard and Yale Turns into a Coca-Cola Pepsi Relationship, a 3:1 relationship, Questions Emerge on Future of Failing American Tiered Higher Education System.

 Just an observation. I've found out, at least from reading and not really any empirical evidence, that students apply to Harvard well, because its Harvard. While the students applying to Yale really seem to genuinely enjoy the college. 

But as the relationship between Harvard and Yale turns into a Coca-Cola Pepsi relationship, a marketing parlance if you excuse the pun, a 3:1 relationship, Harvard is really pulling away from the rest of the Ivy League, let alone the rest of the US colleges. 

This concentration of enormous resources in one college, Harvard- a $41 billion dollars endowment fund is the undoing of the US higher education system. For it's so tiered in terms of the quality that you would think they are in different countries. 

If some Harvard students refer to Brown or Cornell as "Lower Ivies", as senator Ted Cruz wouldn't talk to you at Harvard Law School where if he discovered you went to a "Lower Ivy" he wouldn't talk to you, what do these students think of cash strapped Community Colleges where you meet students that arent exerting in any way. Where you meet drunken students on the corridor on your way to the lecture? : Home of compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



The Golden Rule Of American Politics is that Democrats Win The Elections By Being Likeable. Aka Obama and Clinton. Republicans Win Elections By Being Who They Are aka Trump and George W. Bush.

If the Democrats take control of the Senate, then the Biden administration will have an easier time governing with sweeping legislations that will overturn Trump overreach of the last four years. 

But the tragedy for the Democratic party is that it has shifted more to the right in the past twenty years. In fact, if we were to be honest Biden is a centrist corporate Democrat and in a meeting with key donors, the rich class, he said "nothing will fundamentally change."

I'm not saying Biden is a devil, but he isn't a saint either. The last two Democrat Presidents, Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton, were all corporate centrists, Biden will be a Third in that succession.

Why do Democrats feel that being tagged a radical leftist is bad while Republicans have no qualms being hard core right wingers. Why are Republicans comfortable in their own skin? That's why the golden rule of American politics is that Democrats win the elections by being likeable, while Republicans win by being who they are. : Home of compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



Automation will No Doubt Destroy Millions of Jobs, But it will also create new ones. So, the Labour Unions Need Not Be Dystopian.

While self driving cars are the next big thing, they have already been in use in underground mining. But the underlying problem for self driving cars is whether the technology will be so safe that a human wouldn't have to be put behind the wheels to check on things just in case things go south.

But what will be the future of drivers? When Saudi Arabia legalised driving for women, it put hundreds of thousands of men drivers out of work.

It's this dystopian view that makes many fear technology. That it destroys jobs. In Kenya (Africa), the head of the workers union protested that tea picking machines will destroy tea pickers jobs, ruining their livelihoods and economic well being. 

Automation will no doubt destroy millions of jobs, but it will also create new ones in areas such as Artificial intelligence-AI. So, instead of fear, and apprehension towards automation and technology from labour unions, what's needed is to retrain, reskill, and retool their workers in line for the new jobs that technology will create.

The labour unions themselves are products of Industrial jobs, which destroyed millions of farming jobs. So, automation renews that destruction of old jobs and recreation of new jobs again and there is no reason to be fearful and have such dystopian doomsday scenerio of mass job layoffs and falling standards of living from the labour unions. : Home of compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



While the US leads the world in Elite higher education, like Harvard/Yale/MIT, it trails in high school K12 education. How can it be fixed?

Image: Jeb Bush. 

While US is an entrepreneur paradise, it isn't as great for public workers such as teachers. That award goes to Nordic Scandinavian countries. Where they understand you can never put a worth on a teacher for teaching the future creative genius entrepreneur or future transformative President.

When you consider that everyone is a product of a teacher in some way, then you get a feeling that teachers in the US deserve much better. 

Actually, while US leads the world in elite higher education, courtesy of it's Ivy League and peer Universities like Yale, MIT, Stanford, or Princeton, uber private universities like William or Smith seven sister colleges, and flagship state universities like University California- Berkeley, the US falls short on lower ranking higher education like Community Colleges where adjunct professors are frustrated and where meeting drunk students on the corridor on your way to the lecture isn't a conducive environment to nurture next leaders, and societal problem solvers.

In K12, US students fall behind Singapore/South Korea in international tests for OECD countries. It comes in 12th out of 30 OECD countries. Not a great score for a country that wants to lead in Innovation and geopolitics forever.

And that's why Jeb Bush coined Compassionate Conservativism. To address US failures in public service. He did it for failing Florida K12, but it could be replicated. : Home of compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)



What's the future of the Freemium internet business model, since if something is free, then you are the product?

Subscription based revenue models are both good and bad. Good as someone has argued  on extra crunch (, you have dependable revenues for months or even years on end. 

Bad in that you have fewer customers that a freemium model business would get in handy perhaps for offering a premium product. 

A columnist for the East African Charles Onyango Obbo argues that the Freemium model is the future as everyone wants to try up things before they buy up. 

Think of the way supermarkets revolutionalised shopping as opposed to the corner shop. Mr. Obbo suggests that in future in bars for example, the first two beers might be free and then the third will be charged to get you high so , but make no doubt it will pay for the two free beers plus an extra profit. 

Anyway, I'm not a pricing expert as Rafi Mohammed, a a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review is, but I'm merely trying to look at the future of the Freemium business model vis a vis the subscription pricing model.

But for internet, the ad supported Freemium Business Model might be a little tricky as in if it's free, then you are the product. : Home of compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)


"Trumpism" was built on anti Chinese and anti immigrant Sentiments as offshored jobs to China to wiped out white working class prosperous middle class jobs. But will Biden bring the Chinese offshored jobs back to America?

NYSE (stock exchange) halting the delisting of three Chinese giants even though only symbolic to their revenues, is highly welcome. It restores faith in international financial and capital markets, and shows mutual collaboration is the way to go.

The Trump administration came to power on the banner of strong anti Chinese sentiments, for they accuse China of eliminating their jobs and wiping off the once serene and suburban American white working class middle class that was the epitome of the American dream and prosperity.

But as China became the manufacturing shop of the world, and to a lesser extent India became the back end office of the world handling things such as customer care and basic data entry, the high quality industrial jobs in America disappeared, and the white working middle class backlash against losing their previledge is the bedrock of "Trumpism" in America.

Hopefully, a Biden administration will restore America to it's senses that you don't win by blaming the game and the system but by getting better at the game.

Thankfully, Technology could aid the Biden administration as 3D printing will usher in the age of mass customisation, and once again, the key differentiator won't be cost of labour which has benefitted China, but high skills productivity. : Home of compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)


Capitalism will always destroy old wealth and create new wealth. And that is as it should.

Think about it. GE never transitioned to being the market leader for feature phones. Nokia was. Nokia never transitioned to be the market leader for smartphones, but Sumsung and Apple did. 

Hardware giant IBM never transitioned to being the market leader for software, Microsoft did.

Similarly, Microsoft never transitioned to be the market leader for big tech internet but Google did succeed in organising the world's information architecture in form of search. 

Google itself never transitioned to human interactions, but Facebook did. 

And ultimately, Facebook itself will not transition to being market leader of 3D augmented reality which will disrupt the whole virtual space of dating, working, schooling, and such related things. 

Jim Collins wrote a book sometime ago "Good to Great" in which he analysed the greatest companies that had withstood the test of time and had become enduringly great. 

But his research should have been a space time continum analysis more than anything else, since even the companies he projected as the greatest will be no more in the next 50 years. For that's the apocalyptic of nature of capitalism. : Home of compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)


Why is Free Healthcare a Radical Idea in the Richest Country in The World?

When insurance meets lobbying, then there is big money. On the day that Bernie Sanders suspended his US Presidential campaign and called a truce with his frenemie Joe Biden, insurance company shares skyrocketed. 

Bernie Sanders was painted as a radical socialist though I think he was center left. He espoused free healthcare and free public education. So, by insurance company shares skyrocketing on the day he hang up his campaign boots shows free Medicare is a radical idea in the richest country in the world. 

Where the insurance company, and not the doctor has the power over a patients treatment. Where to big pharma, a disease is to be maintained and managed, not treated and eliminated, for a cured patient is a lost client. 

Where America's best hospitals are managed by private equity funds and where the sick arent patients rather they are clients. 

While capitalism gives us great goods, products and services, on the other hand, it could feter into greed if not checked. 

Policing and refereeing the boundary between entrepreneural acumen, and rewarding her justly, versus ensuring you are only as great as the society you operate in is the sweet spot that capitalism hasn't yet solved. And it's why some say creative genius entrepreneurs are the reason the world goes round, while others acutely believe that behind every great fortune is a great crime. : Home of compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)


Where is Chinese Alibaba Founder Jack Ma?

If anything bad or heinous has happened to Jack Ma, then that would be catastrophic for China. For in geo politics, you have hard power, the likes of military, Economics, or intelligence capabilities like CIA. In that China has now almost caught up with the United States, especially when you factor in the purchasing power parity-PPP.

But where China trails the US by leaps and bounds and has made it not leapfrog the US as the world's dominant power is in soft power, that is, winning hearts and minds. That's exemplified by the likes of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Bible evangelical belt, Ivy League like Harvard and Yale.

Jack Ma was one of the soft power projections of China, a testament that China has arrived on the world stage. You can't pay gazillions bucks for such free publicity and advertising of a country. Not even hosting the Olympics which many countries try to use for that purpose. 

So, if in deed Jack Ma has disappeared, as a result of the repressive hand of the Chinese government, then they would be scoring an own goal in shoving aside one of it's biggest marketers. : Home of compassionate Conservatism. (Capitalism with a Human Face.)