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(America): When Slots For Illegals Are Eliminated, America Will Have More Slots For the World's Best, Brightest, and Exceptionally Talented To Immigrate and Renew America.

How should America treat it's illegal immigrants? The Biden pick for Health and Human Services nominee wants illegals to be given Medicaid.

And this is what we think is wrong with American immigration, and one that should be overhauled. Australia for instance, processes Illegals, assylum seekers and refugees in the far off island of Papua New Guinea.

In America meanwhile, illegals are being processed at the border patrol, and it gets even worse, in the Biden administration, assylum seekers will be allowed to travel to the United States as they await the results of their assylum application.

This Biden administration move in championing for illegals, assylum seekers, and refugees has made immigrant caravans all the way from Africa, Honduras, and Haiti begin to travel by foot to the United States border.

When there are so many illegals in America, the burden will be on the American taxpayer to provide them with food stamps and unemployment benefits. Besides, illegal immigrants decrease the slots for the legal immigrants that the United States truly needs. It's why we think that immigration should be overhauled, to increase slots for the best and brightest, and those with exceptional talents that will prepare America for the next phase of growth in the industrial internet of things (IIoT), smart hardware, Fintech, carbon materials, and such fancied fields, which America is struggling to hold on to the global lead.

China and India alone produce two Thirds of the world's PhDs, China has two million engineers. That's what's at stake for America. When the illegals are eliminated, the slots for H1-B Visas, how the most talented foreign workers will be increased ten fold, of course with safeguards so that large businesses cannot use the H1-B Visa as an excuse for paying poor American workers low salaries.

To be black and be a capitalist, and a Republican, is not an anomaly. An incompatibility sort of.

We wish golfing legend Tiger Woods quick recovery in the Los Angeles accident. But here is our proposition regarding the incident.

The next chapter in the American Civil rights movement is the availing of business capital and entrepreneurship to blacks and Latinos. African Americans don't have have to make wealth in their " traditional strong fields" like sports and entertainment".

They can make wealth solving the toughest challenges that plague America and the world. They can wildly be successful creative genius entrepreneurs. The job of diversity and inclusion is supposed to make blacks be included in the former white spaces in powerful jobs, but blacks shouldn't be a tick in the box. An affirmative action hire or elite college admittee. A racial justice issue.

Moreover, the smartest blacks now don't attend historically black Colleges like Howard or Morehouse but now attend the Ivy League and Uber Private colleges like Harvard, Duke, and Yale, then go on to work in Wall Street, representing a brain drain on the African American community when a struggling black business would have needed their talents.

And since small businesses are the primary employers, it means all this black talent that is being lost to Wall Street and Silicon Valley as a diversity and inclusion issue, an affirmative action hire is going to waste in that the kith and kin these bright black youngsters left behind have no businesses to hire them.

And I know Booker T Washington, a Republican by ideology, the first African American to visit the White House, was shamed for acting white when he said that rather than confronting white supremacists directly, blacks should aim for great careers and entrepreneurship. But nothing could be further from the truth.

And another African American leader, Marcus Garvey, said blacks fail because they don't have a capitalistic system that support them. He was wealth shamed for having a publishing company, media house, real estate and a ship which he hoped would transport all black people back to Africa.

But essentially, to be black and to be capitalist shouldn't be an opposite dichotomy. Likewise, to be black and be Republican should also likewise not be an incompatibility. Because where has the freebies of the Democrats taken blacks? They are at the exact same place where the slave emancipation proclamation left them. Someone said the biggest threat of a black is a white liberal, because they act so sweet without really meaning it, and it couldn't be further from the truth.

Social Byte: Is Colorism deep among people of colour?

The simple definition of colorism is that it's where members with a lighter skin among people of color are treated better than their darker skin colleagues of the same race.

Although it's most prevalent in the black race, it's not confined to it alone. An advert in a French billboard paints a successful French parent as one where a successful black male is married to a biracial or light skinned black.

In India, you wouldn't know that half their population is darker skinned from watching Indian Bollywood movies as all the acting gigs go to the light skinned Indians and not the untouchable dark skinned dalites. 

This has of course spawned a lucrative bleaching creams as blacks, especially females want to be light skinned and upgrade their social status. 

Does Writing Really Pay That Much. Can it Be a Full Time Career, Especially in Africa.

The joke is that one of the ways for you to die a poor man or woman for that matter is to take up writing as a full time career. As a weekly columnist for the Star Newspaper in Kenya, the third in the market daily, I got paid $30 per weekly column of 350 words. Granted, one could say that pay is too much for just 350 words. But it is the quality that matters, not the word count. And I knew I had worked on my craft well, and so I felt shortchanged.

Again, I wrote a 12 page educational advertorial pull out for the same Star Newspaper Kenya, I got paid $100, even as they made $50,000 from the same pull out in advertisements.

Coincidentally, one of their former radio girls come come Group Marketing Manager responsible for those advertisements in my pull out is also dabbles up as a motivational speaker and goes around telling young impressionable girls that you have the same 24 hours as me, or as Bill Gates. So, why doesn't she start with paying people their fair dues first?

I had done much research and knew that as a weekly Columnist for the Telegraph, Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister of Britain, was getting $250,000 a year pay, that is $5,000 a week, just for scribbling a few quality words a week.

I also knew of a weekly technology columnist in The Wall Street Journal that got paid a million dollars a year for a weekly column, that is $20,000. I'm interested in that especially because I did Mechanical Engineering for my Bachelors Degree.

So, why doesn't writing pay in Africa. The reason is simply we haven't professionalised the creative scene, that is writers, singers, actors, et al. It is still a buyers market. They set the price. We follow along. And that needs to change if our kind is going to take up writing as a full time career rather than a side hustle.

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Real Politic: Is America Turning Into An Identity Plural Democracy Like Africa?

America has been a liberal democracy ever since it's inception. It has always had the liberals versus the conservatives, the liberals who believe in a big role for government in people's lives aka Socialism, and the conservative Republicans who believe in a limited role for government in people's lives. 

But now, America instead of being engaged in a nail biting battle finale between the global socialism of Obama, Biden, and the Clinton's and the America First Government is the problem of Trump, instead of these politics being the center stage, it is plural democracy identity politics that America finds itself in. 

Where Democrats now comprise of moderate whites and all other racial minorities, while Republicans now represent hardcore white interests. Which makes it hard for me to choose. Because I love the Republican Party policies of the government having limited role in our lives, but hate their racial identity politics where it comes across as an all white party. 

And the Democrats, they really have such terrible policies like open borders and a limitless overreach social government in people's lives, but they have been able to create a broad coalition of races. So, which to choose? Which is not different from the plural tribe identity democracy of Africa, where the only difference in political parties is the tribe and region the parties draw their support from.

Idea Profile: Does Writing really Pay That Much in Africa? Can Writing Be a Full Time Career?

The joke is that one of the ways for you to die a poor man or woman for that matter is to take up writing as a full time career. As a weekly columnist for the Star Newspaper in Kenya, the third in the market daily, I got paid $30 per weekly column of 350 words. Granted, one could say that pay is too much for just 350 words. But it is the quality that matters, not the word count. And I knew I had worked on my craft well, and so I felt shortchanged. 

Again, I wrote a 12 page educational advertorial pull out for the same Star Newspaper Kenya, owned by Radio Africa Group, I got paid $100, even as they made $50,000 from the same pull out in advertisements. 

Coincidentally, one of their former radio girls come come Group Marketing Manager responsible for those advertisements in my pull out is also dabbles up as a motivational speaker and goes around telling young impressionable girls that you have the same 24 hours as me, or as Bill Gates. So, why doesn't she start with paying people their fair dues first?

I had done much research and knew that as a weekly Columnist for the Telegraph, Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister of Britain, was getting $250,000 a year pay, that is $5,000 a week, just for scribbling a few quality words a week.

I also knew of a weekly technology columnist in The Wall Street Journal that got paid a million dollars a year for a weekly column, that is $20,000. I'm interested in that especially because I did Mechanical Engineering for my Bachelors Degree. 

So, why doesn't writing pay in Africa. The reason is simply we haven't professionalised the creative scene, that is writers, singers, actors, et al. It is still a buyers market. They set the price. We follow along. And that needs to change if our kind is going to take up writing as a full time career rather than a side hustle. We could even have syndicated columnists whose writing appears in several newspapers and publications.

Idea Profile: A Profile Of Christopher Khaemba, who could recommend a Donkey To Harvard and It would be Admitted.

Christopher Khaemba is arguably Africa's most decorated principal. The former Principal of Alliance High School, Africa's Preeminent feeder school to the Ivy League before his departure, is a man of many firsts. 

A former airforce pilot, he turned to teaching by accident after the flopped 1982 Kenyan coup against former President Moi, it was thought to be led by the airforce and so it's members were dismissed. 

Khaemba, a Math and Physics teacher, usually had all students in his class score a straight A in the terminal Kenyan high school exam, KCSE. But that was not enough. As principal at Alliance, his recommendation was so water tight, his reputation so intact that he would literally recommend a donkey to the Ivy League and it would be admitted. 

This saw the Alliance become the top feeder school outside the United States for the Ivy League, sending about 50 students every year from 1986 to 2008, when Khaemba exited Alliance. 

But there was one thing that happened that made Harvard start considering other feeder schools in Kenya in particular, and Africa generally. In 2006, Alliance High School and Kenyas best student Herman Mutiso was admitted to both Harvard and MIT. 

But he chose MIT, to the chargin of Harvard which expected that Alliance students would choose Harvard over any other university in the world. And so, the following year, 2007, Harvard didn't admit a student from Alliance. Just the intrigues of admissions politics that we are never told about. 

But even though Harvard stopped considering Alliance solely in Africa, just as it stopped considering Alliance peer Institutions like Philips Exeter Academy and Philips Andover, that doesn't put a damper on Christopher Khaemba, nor Alliance relationship with Harvard. 

Social Byte: The Most Lethal Way For An African Immigrant Parent in the US to Silence Their Kid is to Tell Them "I will send You Back To Africa."

Senegalese American Singer Akon notes that the most effective way for an African immigrant parent in the US to Silence their kid is to tell their kid "I will send you back to Africa". It works like magic. The kid is horrified and recoils into her little corner and will never repeat that mistake again. 

Just imagine if the kids of African immigrants to America have that horror story about Africa, what about African Americans? It's even worse?

 A story is told of an African student in America who was telling her African American friends how her phone went off and she needed to charge the phone to continue watching a movie to which her African American friends asked her, "So, you do have electricity in Africa?". To which the African student sarcastically replied that simple, we plug the phone onto a tree and charge it. 

Which shows why Ghana's 2019 year of return, in which it urged African Americans to return back home may have flopped elsewhere in Africa, only that Ghana put great efforts in marketing it. For to African immigrants, African Americans, and Whites alike, marketing Africa internationally is like winking at someone in the dark, they'll never notice. 

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Social Byte: Does Colorism hurt Dark Skinned African and African American Women More?

Colorism is simply the preference for light skinned complexion even within members of the same race. A French billboard advertisement for example shows a successful black family is one where a successful black man marries a light skinned or biracial woman. 

It is why a French sociologist says that the danger and the Extinction of the black French could occur not on the battlefield, but in the bedroom. Because biracial children often marry white. 

Colorism, that light skinned is beautiful therefore conferred a higher status, has made the skin bleaching industry blossom so much as African and African American women want to look as close to a white woman as possible. 

But the problem for the dark skinned African or African American woman that wants to bleach is that whereas the Indian and the Chinese also bleach to look white, they cross a shorter journey, while the dark skinned African and African American woman has to rub off many skin layers before achieving any semblance of whiteness. 

So, may be the thing that African and African American society need to do is to affirm dark Skinned African and African American women that they are as beautiful as they are and don't need to change anything about themselves, skin colour notwithstanding.

Idea Profile: The Change from Managing Director to CEO was the point at which companies began to lose it.

In the early days of capitalism, the head of a company was known as the Managing Director, MD. He, usually, was drawn from the production department or the company's core area of operations.

 They rose from the factory floor worker and aligned with the employees. They relied on product innovation and research to stand out of competition. Their salary was at most ten times the lowest paid employee.

But around 1992, enter the Chief Executive Officer. CEO. An elite university card carrying member. A finance cost cutting guy whose way to profits was employee layoffs, and removing money from the production department to spend on advertising and marketing. 

This new age CEO earns 1,000 times the salary of the lowest employee. And they hire accountants and lawyers to keep taxes as low as possible. And that's how the power of the company shifted from the skilled professional to the money guys.

Real Politic: Republicans Have to Found Big Tech Social Media Apps That Are Receptive To Conservative Views.

A study shows that young Americans are now spending more apps than on TV. Which means for Republicans to recruit young Americans at a fast enough rate, they need to have social media apps that are receptive to conservative views. The current big tech companies are wholly left leaning and if you try to challenge common held notions in the public, you are deplatformed. 

There are conservative radios. Fine. Conservative newspapers. Fine. Conservative TV. Fine. But there are no conservative social media channels which makes it harder to recruit future Republicans that will have a say in continuing the long cherished traditions of the Republican Party.

Social Byte: What Does The Near Complete Use of Wigs and Weaves Say About Our Black Women Hair?

Twenty years ago, the use of wigs and weaves amongst black women wasn't so much widespread. But today, it is the other way round. A black woman with her own natural kinky hair is a rarity.

One reason for this widespread use of wigs is that we have watched too many Hollywood movies, too many modelling shows and the white woman long straightened hair is the gold standard. 

A study shows that a black woman with a straightened long hair is likely to get a job as opposed to a black woman with a kinky rough hair even when both have the same qualification.

 She is also more likely to be viewed as more beautiful and marry a richer spouse. So, you can see how easy it is for a black woman to see short kinky rough African hair as equal to ugliness and low status in life. And long straightened hair as equaling beauty and high status in life.

Real Politic: Trump, With His America First Mantra, is the Greatest American President since Reagan.

Reagan said the government is the problem and so should get out of the way and let people solve the toughest challenges that plague America. The whole deregulation and Reaganomics was coined out of such. 

Then comes Trump with his America First Clarion call. That America simply has to put the globalist sociliast agenda to a halt, and turn back and return and solve the toughest challenges that plague it at home before reengaging with the world from a position of strength. 

Ameria has so much on it's hands that one wonders whether Biden has any inclination as to what harm his globalist socialist agenda is doing to America. Bankrupt cities scrapping by on municipal bonds, racial tensions, a disappearing almost haves middle class just to name but a few.

 In that sense, Trump understood that America's greatest foreign policy challenge are it's own internal problems and so he rapidly retreated from the world. And came back home. 

Idea Profile: What's The Future of HR as Talent Becomes The Most Important Aspect Of a Company?

Every Human Resources Manager loves to say our people are our most important asset. But how many times does the company live up to this mantra? 

The Human Resources Manager has evolved from the file pusher Personnel Manager of the 1980s, the Human Resources Manager of the 1990s, the Human Capital Manager of the 2000s showing that capital is as much human as it is machines. 

Then from 2010s onwards, it has been the Talent Development Manager. Showing that very soon, HR Managers aren't just going to beg for the same seat as the Chief Finance Officer, CFO, but also beg for the same seat as the CEO, much like the Harvard corporation CEO earns more than the HARVARD University President.

Social Byte: Why is the Bad Boy Such an Enigma With Women?

You have heard it too many times. The nice guy finishes last, I should qualify, with women. But it's a kind of a paradox. Women say they want to be treated nicely, be pampered, but when a guy does this exact thing, he's left high and dry.

So, where is the consistency from women? Is it really true that although women deny in public, secretly, women love the adrenaline rush, the emotional rollercoaster that a bad boy will take her through? But then when they are hurt, they turn to the nice guy to pour out and share their relationship problems, before the cycle begins again.

Bad boys are drawn from the Hunter gatherer days when you had to be the most physically fit, the most rude even, for your family to eat. Otherwise, no bringing bacon home. So, in a way, psychologically, we haven't moved past that stage in human evolution. The adraline rush signifies the man will protect her. 

How can nice guys adopt some of the bad boy practices without changing who they are, or feeling out of sync with themselves? One is to love with detachment as a Buddhist monk would say. That give your woman everything, but let her know she can be replaced if she messes up, it's not having a back up plan, it's just knowing when to stand up for yourself and quit being a door mat for your woman.

Real Politic: When Will The Democrats Stop Using African Americans?

Biden is quoted as saying that the minorities don't understand using anything online and so won't be able to find their way to getting the stimulus payments online. And this is not just a casual remark. 

It comes from a man whose Presidential ambitions were failing and only got saved in the third primary of South Carolina where African Americans voted for him overwhelmingly to rescue his Presidential ambitions.

That shows the African Americans are really nothing to the Democrats except voting machines, to be abandoned once elected in office, and then remembered again when the election cycle is just around the corner. 

And that white savior complex is what's wrong with Democrats race identity politics. It appears then that the problem for the African Americans isnt actually the Republicans, it's the white saviour complex liberal.

Idea Profile: Does The MBA really make you a better manager?

After the 2008 financial crisis, elite American business schools were accused of churning out crooks only out for themselves. Most elite business school graduates usually end up as hedge fund managers in Wall Street and other boutique investment funds, where they can even earn a million dollars a year a few years post graduation. 

It's this promise of a minimum of $130,000 a year starting salary, plus huge signing bonuses that makes elite business schools very attractive and makes many apply to these universities that charge high fees and have a forbidding entry criteria. 

But is it worth it for the companies that hire these elite business school graduates? The results are mixed. They could perform because elite schools do rotate students within themselves, thus undergraduate at Ivy League A is equal to a post graduate at Ivy League B. 

And so, if they in deed perform on the job, it is because of their own unique traits, not what the school added to them. And so, what the business school just did was credentialing and sifting off the wheat from the chuff for the employers.

Social Byte: Are modelling agencies correct in depicting the slim white woman as the perfect beauty?

The international modelling circuits like Ford have been accused of being simplistic in their beauty definition. The slim Caucasian woman is painted as the gold standard for beauty, putting plus size women of all races, and dark skinned women at a disadvantage.

But it seems that's what the audience for these beauty peagants, old white men, want. For instance, who decided that Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman in the world. Isn't it the standards that modelling agencies set as beautiful that are then picked up by the media?

Real Politic: Are Obama and Hillary Clinton the power behind the throne in the Biden Presidency?

Hillary Clinton has penned an international thriller in which Trump is the joke. Obama said in an interview that he will be in public life in some form. That "some form" could be pulling the strings in the Biden administration.

The Biden Presidency then is unquestionably Obama's Third Term, and Hillary Clinton's failed bid to the White House combined. That means Biden is not his own man and will finish the unfinished job of these two. 

For instance, illegals will now get a path to citizenship and become Democrats potential voters in the succeeding elections so that REPUBLICANs with their conservative values will become a permanent underclass party as global socialism of the Democrats is entrenched in America.

Idea Profile: Can Silicon Valley Be Replicated?

You've probably heard of Silicon Valley. The California home of giants such Facebook and Amazon. Can it be replicated across the world? Many cities, including in the United States, like New York and Boston have tried to replicate Silicon Valley to no avail. 

What makes Silicon Valley tick? A confluence of talent, money in form of angel and venture capital, infrastructure, and no doubt the markets, as in the Americans can afford Silicon Valley products and services. For instance, a delivery package for an average American is $33, while that of an Indian is $3. Meaning there is practically no way a delivery start up in India can break even. 

So, for Sao Paulo- Brazil, Nairobi-Kenya, Tel Aviv-Israel (although it leads in cyber defense start up investments), Bangalore, India and Shenzen China will have to work really hard before they can replicate Silicon Valley. 

Social Byte: Can You Really Find a Spouse Online?

Work and school have moved online. So, why not dating. People are ready to buy something online, so, why can't they find their spouse online? 

For a start, we are spending more time online and just as your customer could be on your DM, so too could be your spouse. 

First of all, it's important to realise that online dating is more like walking into a supermarket. There are all kinds of products. Some great, some average, some not so great. Likewise, in online spaces there are angels as well as peadophiles. 

The thing is to have cautious optimism. Take the relationship outside of online spaces and that's the only time you can make your judgement as to whether the guy or girl you found online is worthy of pursuit. Just as you take precaution when buying a car, but ultimately buy a great car, so too should you be open minded about online dating, no matter how much the dating algorithms convince you that you have found the right match.

Real Politic: Biden's Southern border disaster will Cost American taxpayer money in Illegal immigrants benefits.

As I write this, there are thousands of potential immigrants in Central America that are coming over to America emboldened by Biden's open borders policy that will see illegal immigrants treated with kid gloves, as they are potential Democrat voters in 2022 and beyond. 

Illegal immigrants take away so much from the hardworking American citizens in form of food stamps and unemployment benefits. They add little to the economy and in fact, employers use them to undercut American workers. 

Illegal immigration should be halted altogether. Deporting illegals isn't a human rights issue, it's an American nation survival issue. It's why Republicans must persist until all illegal immigration is halted, and the correct channels to immigrate to America legally are followed.

Real Politic: REPUBLICAN Candidates still mightily need Trump to cross over the finish line in the 2022 midterms.

If REPUBLICANs want to flip both houses of Congress, then they still need Trump to help the Republican candidates cross over the finish line. 

Don't under estimate the influence Trump has over the Republican base. He got the highest votes of any incumbent in history. He destroyed the old establishment Republican party and built it a new. 

And most definitely, he wasn't a career politician that had spent 47 long years in Congress and was now looking for a retirement like Biden. 

He came from business, from innovation, which the Republican is basically about. And he has shown us that politics should be a side hustle by not taking a salary. Tell that to Obama or Biden who became millionares because of politics. In a nutshell, underestimate the influence of Trump at your own peril.

Idea Profile: Prime Minister Nehru Had a Great Idea in the Indian Institute of Technologies-IITs. But The Drawback Is All That Talent Goes To The United States.

You might have heard of the Ivy League obviously, the eight American East Coast Colleges that formed an athletic association but it came to signify academic smartness. 

But there is also another Ivy League in another part. The Indian Institute of Technologies-IITs. They are a series of seven campuses that every bright Indian student hopes to be admitted to. They were the brain child of Prime Minister Nehru.

But now, the drawback for the IITs is that two thirds leave for the United States upon graduation. It's why a United States senator, Howard Dean in his campaign for the Democratic Party nomination said that since Indian IIT graduates are so talented, they should be given free H1-B Visas to work in the US. And he wasn't far from the truth.

The CEO of Alphabet, Google's parent company, Sundar Pichai is an IIT Graduate. So is the CEO of Sun Microsystems. Dean of Harvard Business School. CEO of Microsoft. It's why The Times of India had a headline, "India's greatest export-CEOs". But this talent also needs to help India, otherwise it would just be subsidising American higher education. 

Social Byte: Are Breast And Behind Implants Great?

In the race for beauty, enlarging breasts and the behinds is now the new fashion in town. Some of the people that have been known to enlarge breasts and behinds include Kim Kardashian and Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika?

This is really win for the plus size woman. There was a time not too long ago when being slim was the ultimate beauty standard. But that all changed when hip hop music arrived and started glorifying the plus size woman.

Real Politic: China Knows It Has a Weak America in Biden and Is Building A Missile Base Near Vietnam.

The Biden Administration is all about America running on a car with it's four tyres punctured but by all means necessary pursue a global socialism agenda. And so, China knows Biden's America is weak and heavy laden, and is now building a missile base near the Vietnamese border. 

Under Trump, China wouldn't be this daring. It would know that for every action, there is an equal and opposite force, if Trump's pushback on China wiping off the American manufacturing base and safe middle class jobs is anything to go by.

Idea Profile: As Wikipedia Comes Under Fire For Disinformation, Is it really the right source of information?

There is a long running joke that mention to your professor that Wikipedia is your reference and you will fail the paper. Because ultimately, with anyone able to post and edit information, and with no uptight vetting of their credentials, there is really little truth in Wikipedia articles. 

What a professor told the BBC is that the thing is to use the sources cited on the Wikipedia article and then use that as the basis for your research, not doing a whole referencing from Wikipedia. So, a Wikipedia article article is just a half page synopsis in a 500 page thesis or dissertation.

Social Byte: Is it Good To Be Friends With Your Ex?

There are people who believe that once a relationship is done, it's done. There is no going back. Therefore, you cannot be friends with your ex. But is it really true?

It really depends on how the relationship began and it's foundation. What was the sticking point? Was it the sex, the companionship, or the money?

If it was either the money or the sex, then you two were never really friends in the first place. I'm not saying sex and money are not important part of a relationship, but they are not the only ones. 

However, if the relationship building block was companionship, then there is a way being friends with your ex can work out.  Because you enjoy hanging out together, but there were just unforeseen circumstances that made you two not to be together.

Real Politic: Democrats have Great Racial Identity Politics. But Terrible Policies. Republicans have Great Policies. But Terrible Racial Identity Politics.

The Republicans are supposed to be conservatives, and so, their politics are more aligned with the government being the problem, as Ronald Reagan would put it. However, there racial identity politics is terrible. 

That is a party of whites that want to hold on to America even as their once great economic power declines. So, Trumpism was as much fueled by "America First" which is great actually if you ask me, but also by a white base that sees it's power declining and saw Trump as the last line of defense in this trend.

Democrats on the other hand have terrible policies. Open boarders so anyone can offload off and feed off American taxpayers money. Illegals being departed from America is now something of a Human Rights act thanks to Biden and the Democrats. Foreign workers get preference over American workers. 

Pursuing a globalist agenda even as America all four car tyres are punctured. But to be fair to them, they appeal broadly to all races and thus can win elections on racial identity politics alone even of their policies are terrible for America.

Idea Profile: Asian Americans Are Suing Harvard For Race Conscious Admissions That Discriminate Them But Favor Blacks.

A lobby group of Asian Americans is suing Harvard accusing it of discrimination in it's race conscious admissions. It says despite Asian Americans perfect grades and SAT scores, their members are not admitted in high enough numbers because Harvard must balance out the races in it's admission cohort. 

This is despite the fact that while Asian Americans comprise of only two percent of the American population, they make up 20 percent of the Harvard, and in fact, Ivy League students.

Asian Americans use this as their premise. When the University of California public system, a system of 13 colleges, including Berkely, when it abolished race conscious admissions for purely merit based admissions, the number of Asian Americans shot from the traditional 20 percent to around 45 percent. They want to see these sort of numbers in Harvard and the other Ivy League schools.

Principally, Asian Americans say they don't have the sob story of blacks to get in, which is good for PR of Harvard and the Ivy League, or their parents didn't donate a lab wing to grease the hands of the university like rich or legacy white students, so, they are viewed as boring premed students with nothing much to add to Harvard university and the Ivy League circuit.

Social Byte: Does Being A Light Skinned African American Woman Confer a Higher Status Than a Dark Skinned One?

While there is the obvious racism to contend with, there is also another discrimination within the African American community to contend with. That of light skinned African American women being treated better, and conferred a higher social status, than their dark skinned colleagues. 

A study shows that light skinned African American woman is likely to marry a richer black man than a dark skinned one. Another anecdote in French society is that a successful black family is painted as one where a successful black man is married to a light skinned or biracial woman. 

And a French black sociologist notes that the disappearance of the black French will not be in the battlefield, but in the bedroom since biracial blacks almost exclusively tend to marry white. Biracial Meghan Merkel for example is married to Prince Harry. Biracial Malia Obama is dating a white British aristocrat where they met at Harvard.

Another study shows that light skinned African American women with straightened white like hair are more likely to get a job after an interview than a dark skinned African American woman with African like kinky hair. No wonder the market for skin bleaching products and hair wigs and weaves is booming.

Real Politic: It's a fight for the soul of America Between Global Socialism of Biden Versus The America First of Trump.

Biden on inauguration day said that America is back. And will play it's (rightful) role in the globe. This globalist approach of Biden is totally an anti thesis to The America First Philosophy of Trump, whose basic premise is that America is faced with so many challenges at home; bankrupt cities, racial tensions, $30 trillion debt, disappearing middle class, all of which calls for America to put its house in order before reengaging the world, because quite frankly right now, it's doing so at a position of weakness AMD only giving it's adversaries like Russia and China ammunition.

Hillary Clinton, in her time as US Secretary of State in the Obama administration, often said that American values are universal values, but what are these American values that should now become global? What can America, at it's present beaten down state, teach the world? Wouldn't it be better to ignore the outside world and work on itself first rather than pursuing a globalist socialist approach of the Obama, Biden, Clinton triple alliance? 

Social Byte: The Future of Sport is between The Science of It (Christiano Ronaldo), versus The Art and Beauty of it (Lionel Messi).

The long running debate in soccer, is who is the greatest of all time between Christiano Ronaldo (Juventus and Portugal international) versus Lionel Messi( Barcelona and Argentina international).

Christiano Ronaldo didn't start out as exceptional at Manchester United. But he polished his skills with time. The accurate passes, the ball free kicks, and this made him a goal scoring machine at Real Madrid. So much so that he became the all time highest goal scorer for Real Madrid.

Lionel Messi on the other hand started out as a prodidy from the word go and was recruited at age 12 to the Barcelona young academy. And he delivered for Barcelona, although the only thing hos detractors say is that he is a genius yes, but it was Iniesta and the likes who polished that genius and gave him structure. 

Otherwise, his detractors argue that if Lionel Messi was that great, he should have won the World Cup for Argentina at least, or Copa America. The saving Grace for his nemesis Christiano Ronaldo is that he has at least won the Euro for Portugal. And so, the debate on who is the greatest between Christiano Ronaldo (The Science of Sport) and Lionel Messi (The art and beauty of sport) continues. 

Idea Profile: Soon, if Bill Gates Has His Way, Lab Meat Will Replace Livestock meat.

There is a growing trend in the bio science community in meat being manufactured in the lab, so called lab meat. It's said that this is the next biggest thing, and one and only Bill Gates has a venture fund specifically targeting lab meat start ups. 

He argues if lab meat can match the taste of livestock meat, then rich countries should be consuming lab meat in totality in the next few years. 

Bill Gates and his ilk climate change activists argue that methane from cows contributes to global warming greatly and additionally, cows consume too much water, at least 200 gallons per cow per day, and this leads to water scarcity and Resource conflicts in poor countries especially. Even for American farmers, they use borehole water rather than municipal town connected water for their livestock.

So, basically, Bill Gates says cows are bad for the environment, and should go, and then we get to eat lab meat instead and the burger will merely a tourist cultural food and not a daily delicacy.

Friday, 26 February 2021

Real Politic: Looking At Asian American "Model Minority Myth" Versus Botswana's "Quiet" Exceptionalism.

Botswana, a country in Southern Africa for those not in the know, is that successful person who doesn't make noise, more like the Asian American "model minority" myth that every American sees as holding a great middle class job or running a successful small to medium sized business yet doesn't get amplified in America's racially charged identity politics.

 Nigeria is that kid that shouts from the rooftops that he is number one for all and sundry to hear. South Africa is the kid who will never fail to mention his place in the food chain, aka the USA of Africa. Kenya is the bright kid who always underperforms. Tanzania is that kid that will never be number one in any one subject but when the marks are totalled, she ends up number one.

Social Byte: The Tragedy for African Music is that the Music That Urbanite Africans Consider Great Is Not The Music That Outsiders Consider Great.

 Ask any urbanite African their music playlists. They will mention Wizkid, Sarkodie, Davido, Diamond and the likes. And yet, what some of these artistes call international tours to America, Europe, Canada, or Australia are really just performances in some dingy bar or restaurant. So, why is it that these artistes are much beloved in urban Africa yet totally unknown outside of Africa.

Simple, the music that urbanite Africans consider great isn't exactly the same music that outsiders, or even rural Africans, consider great. That is why as Kenya's most talented lyricist Nadia Mukami said in an interview with an online Kenyan TV channel, Jalango TV, there is hype African urbanite music, and there is music for money. This music for money belongs to the likes of Angelique Kidjo, Eric Wainaina, Kofi Olomide, Oliver Mtukudzi amongst other authentic African afro musicians.

Idea Profile: As Work Shifts Online, The Chief Technology Officer-CTO, will be the most powerful job in the company.

While the Human Resources Manager begged for the same chair as the Chief Finance Officer, CFO, a chair she has not gotten upto today, the Chief Technology Officer ,CTO, will not beg.

It is the CEO and the board that will demand for the input of the Chief Technology Officer-CTO. Since as work moves online, information architecture safeguarding will be critical. While some aspects of in person work will return as soon as Corona pandemic is over, other aspects will not. 

Such as working remotely, even for the smallest of jobs. It's why as a career guidance officer you should be advising your clients or students that anything to do with information architecture will be Paramount in the months and years to come. The genie is out of the bottle.

Social Byte: Does Colorism Among African Americans Harm Darker Skinned African Americans?

Colorism is the preference to lighter skinned color, or near whiteness of members of the same racial group, applying mostly to the African American community. 

Some say that the reason Obama won was because he appealed to his near whiteness for white votes, otherwise, Jesse Jackson before him didn't have that near whiteness in the 1988 Democratic primary so his campaign faultered from the start.

WE Du Bois, a biracial black, a Harvard intellectual, coined the term the talented tenth. He said that for any race to progress, the talented tenth must lift up the entire race. So, he said blacks must have their own aristocracy of the talented tenth to lift up the black race. But in his compilation of 30 blacks he thought could lift up the African American community, only one was purely black. Twenty nine were biracial, just like him.

In job interviews, it is reported that black women with a straightened Caucasian like hair are more likely to progress to the next interview stage than black women with kinky rough African hair.

Real Politic: Biden Is a War Hawk Already, Having Ordered Military Strikes in Syria. Trump didn't start Any Wars.

The strongest of Trump's critics can fault Trump for everything, but not for starting useless and unending wars. Because he knew that wars drain American taxpayers money, and impede his American First Agenda. 

Just barely month after his tenure in the White House, Biden has ordered fresh airstrikes in Syria, which was a disaster created by another globalist socialist Democrat, Barrack Obama. 

So, you now believe when Biden told his major campaign donors in a speech that "nothing would fundamentally change". The only way Democrats are winning elections with such terrible policies as war hawking is that illegal immigrants are voting in vastly huge numbers. 

Biden's and Democrats Global socialists terrible policies; $2 trillion stimulus, illegal immigrants deportation stopped, and now war hawking are all meant to weaken the American middle class so much that they won't be able to stand up to any misrule. It's a fight for the soul of America. A fight between Democrats Globalist Socialists America Last agenda, and the positive populism of Trump moderated by "Government is the problem" of Reagan.

Idea Profile: Should Uber Drivers Be Treated as Employees or as SubContractors?

The long running debate in the state of California, and in the world really, is whether Uber drivers should be treated as employees or as SubContractors. The state of California and the unions want Uber drivers be treated as employees, with all the rights and previledges of an employee. 

Uber on the other hand wants it's million drivers treated as SubContractors because it is merely a connecting app between the driver and the passenger, nothing more than that. 

When Uber drivers are treated as employees, there will be massive wage and allowance bill for Uber. It will have to provide health insurance for all it's drivers for instance. And remember, Uber has never made any profits, even as it's considered successful by many. And it warned in it's IPO filing that it may in fact never make a profit. All this is because in the race to the bottom with taxi competitors and other apps such as Lyft, it lowers the rates as much as possible to the point of not making a profit. 

Social Byte: Are Successful Black Men Really Marrying Outside Their Race?

Many seem to believe that successful black men are marrying outside their race at higher rates than other men from other races marry outside their race. And they point to examples for this. Tiger woods married a Swedish model before they later divorced. Kanye West married Kim Kardashian before they later divorced. 

So, is it true that successful black men often marry outside their race? One French sociologist noted that the disappearance of the black Frenchman will not happen in the battle field, but in the bedroom. She notes that billboard advertisements often show a successful black man as marrying a biracial woman, and their offspring usually marries white. In fact, almost all biracial children often marry white. Biracial Meghan Merkel for example got married to the whitest of the whites, Prince Harry. 

The stereotypes of the angry black woman portrayed in popular culture will have to stop if we are to see more pairings of a successful black man with a woman of her race.

Real Politic: Trumpism Was Really About The Disappearing American Middle Class, that is If You Ignore The Race Identity Politics.

When history is written twenty years from now, it will find Trumpism is about the disappearance of the American middle class. Race identity was a side issue that the Democrats latched onto.

America has always had three classes. The haves, that is the rich, the almost haves, that is the middle class, and then the have nots, that is the poor. It is the almost haves, the middle class that have maintained the pact of America. They have advocated for the poor because they have the means to do so, but also, they have called out the excesses of the rich because when put together, their economic strength is gigantic. 

And that's why democracy has worked in America. Because the middle class are the stabilising block of the two excesses, the rich and the poor. 

Buy now, it seems the powers that be want the almost haves, the middle class to disappear, so that we are left with only two classes of America; The rich overlords and the underclass poor. So that America then becomes like a Third World country that has only two classes; The rich profiteers who make the decisions and the poor underclass who carry out the decisions of the poor. 


  Here's how America was weakened without a single shot fired. In 1928, under President Coolidge, the Community College lost power to the state university. 

Under President Coolidge,
The welder, technician,
Plumber of Community
College lost Power to
The State University 
Professional. Rural areas 
Lost power to towns.
Thus, the local governments lost power to the state governments, the local artisan ,electrician, plumber, farmer, welder, lost power to the state university professional.  

Then in 1950s, under President Eisenhower, the state university lost power to the Uber private universities such as Duke and Rice University. The professional lost power to middle management. 

 Then in 1975, under President Ford, Uber private universities lost power to the Ivy league. 

Middle management lost power to senior management. Local town lost power to the big city. Mayor lost town to the coastal cities, LA and NY mayors.  

Then in 1993, under President Bill Clinton, Uber private universities lost power to the Ivy League. The CEO, an Ivy League card carrying member and a finance cost cutting guy, replaced the Mananging Director who was picked from the production department. 

President Bill Clinton was 
The Typical Apprentice.
You can see here in this
Photo as a student at 
Yale, the only thing
that lacks is a pencil on
the ear for sketches
for designs of his outfits.
When he sold out to
Big money wall Street 
For the polished image,
The Apprentice 
Managing Director in 
him disappeared to 
The CEO, earning 1,000 times the factory floor worker, aligned with the shareholders rather than employees that Managing Director had aligned with. The company hired lawyers and accountants in droves to help the company avoid all legal loopholes to pay taxes. Remember, tax evasion is the illegality, not tax avoidance where you get to keep your taxes as low as possible. 

 For instance, right now, Apple sits on $200 billion dollars of cash reserves, the size of eleven Olympic Size swimming pools that is stored in safe tax havens abroad but it can't be brought back home to the United States since Apple fears it will be taxed. So Apple relies on bank loans for some of it's day to day operations.    

Then the company relied on advertising and marketing instead of investing in product development and research to be better than competitors.

 Then in 2002, under President Bush, as the relationship between Yale and Harvard became a Pepsi Cola:Coca Cola relationship, a 1:3 relationship, all the Ivy Leagues lost power to Harvard. 

The Harvard outsized CEO became more powerful than the board, and resorted to employee layoffs, cost cutting on R&D and taking that money to marketing and that's how shoddy products got on the shelves of our supermarkets as the great products remain at best a three person employee side hustle.  

And the last nail in the coffin of America was when the efficient Persian State Governor who utilised resources efficiently so his people could prosper lost power to the celebrity federal President in Obama who chimed crowds with his speeches but was short on substance. And that's how America arrived where it is without a single shot being fired, proof that the enemy can always come from within to finish you.

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Social Byte: Here are The Dos and Don'ts of Co-Parenting.

As divorce cases rise among married couples, the new way to raise kids is co-parenting. This simply means that both divorced parents agree to separate mutually because of irreconcilable differences, but that they will be their for their kids. 

For instance, in a divorce filing, American socialite Kim Kardashian wants joint custody with singer Kanye West for their four kids. This is co-parenting at it's core. 

To co-parent well, appreciate you will never get back with your partner again, but that the kids don't have to suffer for your separation. Explain to your kids why you only show up on weekends, at their level, without hurting them.

Also, find a sweet spot between being their for your kids as much as possible, but without suffocating your now former partner. 

Lastly, if you find love again, be open to your new love that you are currently co-parenting and find a way to incorporate your new partner into the co-parenting role of your kids.

Idea Profile: Are terminal exams like A-levels (UK), KCSE (Kenya), Gaokao (China), JEE (India), are these terminal exams enough to determine your future?

Exams are a necessary evil. They claim to measure the brightness or smartness of students. That you understood the concepts taught in class, and you can show in your answers to the questions. 

But should these exams really measure your worth as a student? I'm thinking of the terminal exams, high school especially, like in Kenya (KCSE), China (Gaokao), India (JEE), UK (O and A Level Cambridge exams).

A UK education think tank, and an oped in the Oxford University student paper, called for these terminal exams to be abolished. The Kenyan education ministry abolished the terminal primary grade school exams, and is only left with the terminal high school exams, KCSE. The high school KCSE will still be there as they determine who gets admitted to university in the first case, and then, what course they will do.

 If you fall sick on the day of the exam, or if you forget an important concept as I did in my literature exam, a question about "The Toilet" set in apartheid South Africa, and ended up getting a B- in English, which made me go for Engineering as I had seven As and a B-, which made me ineligible for Medicine where you need eight straight As. What if the memory lapse in my English Paper Two literature in the 2002 KCSE would have been prevalent in other subjects as well? I wouldn't be here probably.

This same argument about terminal exams is ongoing in China, where about ten million students sit the high school gaokao exam, borrowed from the notoriously difficult centuries old Chinese civil service exams for technocrats to be promoted to the next grade, determines who will get into the best universities such as Peiking University, which in turn a safe middle class job upon graduation without any struggle. 

In India, the JEE is a make or break whether you will attend prestigious Indian Institute of Technologies-IITs, which will set you up for life, an average university, or a run of the mill university. The Preparation for JEE high school terminal exams is so lucrative that tutors make a pile of money preparing students for the exams, and even Amazon has invested in an Indian Edtech company solely for online JEE tutorials.

The US colleges do not demand a terminal exam transcript but rather a series of transcripts for all classes of high school. The only exam, or rather test, they ask for is the SAT or AP Exams, but they aren't mandatory and many colleges are making them optional. And in any case, a high performance in the SAT cannot make up for a mediocre class continous assessment tests.

Real Politic: The Future of Media is in small, agile, and nimble start ups that are not beholden to any interests.

A new book, "breaking the news" outlines the rot in big corporate media in America, but it could just as well apply to the world. The big American corporations are beholden to their owners first, then donors and advertisers second. Which means, practically no big media house is truthful in it's coverage, it's always to further the owners and donors and advertisers agenda. 

The future of media as I see it is in small, nimble, and agile start ups that are big enough to stay profitable, yet small enough not to be threatened by any interests. Otherwise where big money and ideology collide, ideology always takes a back seat.

Think of breibart news for example. It's pushing it's right wing agenda once Fox News became mellow after an establishment Republican joined it's board. 

Or Newsmax. It's heading for the same ratings as Fox News and now Democrats are saying it's a tool for disinformation and want it deplatformed from the cable carriers of its content.

Social Byte: How Can You Prevent Envy and Jealousy From Consuming You?

Great crimes have been committed because of envy and jealousy. People's better halves have been snatched away because of envy and jealousy. People have been killed because of envy and jealousy.

For instance, it is said that former American President Bush Senior invited Kenya's President Moi and his foreign affairs Minister Robert Ouko to the White House in 1990. It is said the foreign affairs Minister Robert Ouko expressed himself so well that President Bush enquired from his aides, who really is the President of Kenya, isn't it supposed to be Robert Ouko? On returning to Kenya, a week later, the foreign affairs Minister was found murdered and his remains dismembered in acid. So, envy and jealousy can in deed sink humanity to it's deepest levels. 

So, how do you prevent that sort of envy and jealousy. First of all, there is a distinct difference between envy and jealousy. Envy is good in fact. It makes you admire what a person has achieved, and you want to be like them, or even surpass them. So, you work hard towards that goal. On the other hand, jealousy is bad. You want to eliminate that person because you know you will never reach those levels. 

And it should be avoided. And the way to avoid jealousy is to look into your inner talents and abilities, and focus on those, and compete against yourself. Whatever happens outside of your universe of confinement of your talents and abilities is none of your business.

Idea Profile: The Billionare College Drop Out Is a Myth. Great for selling magazines but not substantiated.

We have all seen them. The motivational speakers. Bill Gates dropped out of college yet he is a billionare. You have the same 24 hours as Bill Gates so you can strike it big in life. 

First of all, Bill Gates is an exception. He was raised in an upper middle class American family. His father was a lawyer, and in those early days, software was like food recipe, freely available to everyone but not attributable to anyone. So, Bill Gates father may have at least helped him in his early patenting work, a proposition, not a proven fact. 

Then, Bill Gates high school, Lakeside school, had two computers in the early 1970s, that's like a high school having a giant super computer today. So, basically, Bill Gates didn't need the Harvard Computer Science degree, he had seen it all. And then ultimately, stories about that his mother worked for IBM, proposition, not proven, and may have helped Bill Gates get his first contract, and may have even negotiated for Bill Gates to be paid a royalty for every Microsoft operating system program installed on IBM computer, rather than a one off alone fee. 

So, in essence, chance, ability, networks and luck all conspired to make Bill Gates the person he is today.

Studies show that the most entrepreneurs get their breakthrough in their 40s and 50s, not the raw untamed ages of their 20s. They have developed the networks, skills, and expertise necessary to get launch a successful multi billion dollars corporation.

Real Politic: Should Black Americans Be Compensated for Slavery?

Former US President Barrack Obama has said that he didn't push for slavery reparations for the African Americans during his term because of the resistance it would have brought among whites. 

But four things are clear:

1. The United States was built as a European Satellite state, with Anglo Saxons still calling the shots.

2. Africans were forcibly transported to work in America as slaves. Collusion with African kings to transport their kith and kin to America is still a subject of controversy.

3. Native Americans were nearly exterminated and dispossesed of their lands.

4. Despite these flaws, the United States is still the world's greatest country, but albeit a work in progress, even with over two centuries in Independence. 

5. Reparations would be good for African Americans but the counter argument is that throughout history there have been conquests and counter conquests, so, will all the empires that were conquered or captured, Alkebulan (Ancient Africa), Kemet/Egypt, Babylon, Persia, should all these empires demand compensation from their conquerers and capturers, and to be paid by whom, is it their descendants?

Social Byte: Is Astrology An Exact science Or Witchcraft?

Astrology wasn't so mainstream. But then around the 1940s, major newspapers started publishing zodiac signs, albeit very shortened and brief versions of what your star system meant for the day. 

Have you seen your star today? For example, for Libra, those born between September 21 to October 20, it might say today you will have a very moody day, but your strength is in being a very affectionate person, so, you will cope well.

Or a Sagittarius, that today, you will have a very bad day, but your strength lies in being a positive person always so you will cope well.

So, does the day always go according to what your star or moon interaction says? Is it any different from believing in witchcraft? For instance, in some cultures in Africa, if you are going for a journey and you meet a cat crossing the road, you better abandon that journey, you will get an accident. 

Or the way some pastors or witches look at your hands, then proclaim that the reason you are suffering is because your stars have been blocked. They say your stars are supposed to be twelve stars for optimum and happy life, and if they get lower than four, then your soul will be tormented for ever. 

This just shows as much as we may claim otherwise, even as we advance in science and technology, even as we travel to the international space center, the moons, mars, and Jupiter, life is still one big mystery.

Idea Profile: Online Learning is the future of education. So how do elite schools adapt to it whilst maintaining their brand exclusivity?

International students to elite schools in the US didn't travel to the US this past year as Corona pandemic took toll and restricted in person interactions. They have had to navigate serious time zone difference to attend lessons on weird hours at night in their home countries. Many say their classes feel like Coursera, the online learning platform.

Online learning is the future of education. So how do elite schools adapt to it? It will help them reach millions of students at just the click of a button. But the drawback is that elite schools like Harvard are built on exclusivity of their brands. Don't you see how they guard their Gates to who gets in? They price that 5 percent admission rate to show that only the smartest of students do get in. So what happens when their degree credential is certainly available to millions of students?

I suppose elite schools won't let that happen. They will continue to be exclusive even as the traditional only in person component may be gone for good.