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(America): When Slots For Illegals Are Eliminated, America Will Have More Slots For the World's Best, Brightest, and Exceptionally Talented To Immigrate and Renew America.

How should America treat it's illegal immigrants? The Biden pick for Health and Human Services nominee wants illegals to be given Medicaid.

And this is what we think is wrong with American immigration, and one that should be overhauled. Australia for instance, processes Illegals, assylum seekers and refugees in the far off island of Papua New Guinea.

In America meanwhile, illegals are being processed at the border patrol, and it gets even worse, in the Biden administration, assylum seekers will be allowed to travel to the United States as they await the results of their assylum application.

This Biden administration move in championing for illegals, assylum seekers, and refugees has made immigrant caravans all the way from Africa, Honduras, and Haiti begin to travel by foot to the United States border.

When there are so many illegals in America, the burden will be on the American taxpayer to provide them with food stamps and unemployment benefits. Besides, illegal immigrants decrease the slots for the legal immigrants that the United States truly needs. It's why we think that immigration should be overhauled, to increase slots for the best and brightest, and those with exceptional talents that will prepare America for the next phase of growth in the industrial internet of things (IIoT), smart hardware, Fintech, carbon materials, and such fancied fields, which America is struggling to hold on to the global lead.

China and India alone produce two Thirds of the world's PhDs, China has two million engineers. That's what's at stake for America. When the illegals are eliminated, the slots for H1-B Visas, how the most talented foreign workers will be increased ten fold, of course with safeguards so that large businesses cannot use the H1-B Visa as an excuse for paying poor American workers low salaries.

To be black and be a capitalist, and a Republican, is not an anomaly. An incompatibility sort of.

We wish golfing legend Tiger Woods quick recovery in the Los Angeles accident. But here is our proposition regarding the incident.

The next chapter in the American Civil rights movement is the availing of business capital and entrepreneurship to blacks and Latinos. African Americans don't have have to make wealth in their " traditional strong fields" like sports and entertainment".

They can make wealth solving the toughest challenges that plague America and the world. They can wildly be successful creative genius entrepreneurs. The job of diversity and inclusion is supposed to make blacks be included in the former white spaces in powerful jobs, but blacks shouldn't be a tick in the box. An affirmative action hire or elite college admittee. A racial justice issue.

Moreover, the smartest blacks now don't attend historically black Colleges like Howard or Morehouse but now attend the Ivy League and Uber Private colleges like Harvard, Duke, and Yale, then go on to work in Wall Street, representing a brain drain on the African American community when a struggling black business would have needed their talents.

And since small businesses are the primary employers, it means all this black talent that is being lost to Wall Street and Silicon Valley as a diversity and inclusion issue, an affirmative action hire is going to waste in that the kith and kin these bright black youngsters left behind have no businesses to hire them.

And I know Booker T Washington, a Republican by ideology, the first African American to visit the White House, was shamed for acting white when he said that rather than confronting white supremacists directly, blacks should aim for great careers and entrepreneurship. But nothing could be further from the truth.

And another African American leader, Marcus Garvey, said blacks fail because they don't have a capitalistic system that support them. He was wealth shamed for having a publishing company, media house, real estate and a ship which he hoped would transport all black people back to Africa.

But essentially, to be black and to be capitalist shouldn't be an opposite dichotomy. Likewise, to be black and be Republican should also likewise not be an incompatibility. Because where has the freebies of the Democrats taken blacks? They are at the exact same place where the slave emancipation proclamation left them. Someone said the biggest threat of a black is a white liberal, because they act so sweet without really meaning it, and it couldn't be further from the truth.

Social Byte: Is Colorism deep among people of colour?

The simple definition of colorism is that it's where members with a lighter skin among people of color are treated better than their darker skin colleagues of the same race.

Although it's most prevalent in the black race, it's not confined to it alone. An advert in a French billboard paints a successful French parent as one where a successful black male is married to a biracial or light skinned black.

In India, you wouldn't know that half their population is darker skinned from watching Indian Bollywood movies as all the acting gigs go to the light skinned Indians and not the untouchable dark skinned dalites. 

This has of course spawned a lucrative bleaching creams as blacks, especially females want to be light skinned and upgrade their social status. 

Thursday, 11 February 2021

1.Africa 54 View: Before Mandela, There Was Nyerere, A Figure Far Ahead of His Time. 2. World Ideas: Should Journalists be Experts First and Journalists Second?

Africa 54 View: Before Mandela, There Was Nyerere, A Figure Far Ahead Of His Time.

 While the global leadership accolades often go to the revered South Africa figure Nelson Mandela, aka the beloved "Madiba", there was another African icon before Mandela burst into the scene. That is founding Tanzania President Julius Nyerere. 

Both Nyerere and Mandela had the opposite polarity of a Village cow herder commenting on a Harvard Business Review article. They treated the woman selling her vegetables in the market stall the same way they treated kings and queens.

Nyerere experimented with Ujamaa, a kind of "African Socialism" where he wanted life to be centered around the village. His ideals of "African Socialism" is the 3D Printed reality we see in the European Nordic Scandinavian Countries of Sweden, Finland amongst other countries.

Nyerere repaired the ethnic relations in his country and ensured that Tanzania was a uniform but diverse country of 105 tribes. He ensured for instance that the business acumen of the chagga, versus the COLLECTIVISM of the Sukuma or Nyamwezi, were reconciled. Unlike his neighbouring Rwanda where the ethnic competition between the Hutu and Tutsi resulted in a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus being killed in just a hundred days.

And the neighbor to the north, Kenya to the north Kenya had nearly 10,000 people killed in the post election violence that followed the disputed 2007 General elections, and to this day, tribe, and not ideas is the political Nexus of Kenya.

To this end, we can say Nyerere laid the carpet for Mandela. And he too deserves to be in the same league of revered African icons.


Africa 54 View: Africa Could Be The World's Richest Continent, But The Problem Is It's Leadership.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, located in Central Africa, sits on a mineral worth of $30 Trillion Dollars, the CIA Fact Book Claims. That is one country alone. You haven't added Nigeria's and Angola's oil, South Africa and Botswana gold and diamonds. The millions of college and university graduates that are raring to go.

So, ultimately, Africa is the sick child of the world because of a failure of leadership, not a lack of resources. Africa is the most unstable continent politically. It is home to the most number of military coups. It leads in the number of Presidents that have ruled for over thirty years. It leads in the number of election frauds. It leads in high level billion dollars corruption. 

In fact, because of capital flight as a result of billion dollars corruption, Africa is a net donor to the world, not a net recepient in terms of aid. 

The question is then how do we fix African leadership?  One is to have a leadership model that works. The people who are supposed to lead Africa are the underclass. The people who are supposed to be led are the leaders. In words of Prof. PLO Lumumba, those in power have no ideas, while those with ideas have no power. And that's the tragedy of Africa and why things are the way they are.


World Ideas: The Conundrum of Today's Management Practice is that Companies are Great To Their Customers, Yet Terrible To Their Employees.

Even as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is retiring at the end of this year, he built a culture where Amazon is terrible to it's employees, yet great to it's customers. It's one of the conundrums of today's management practices. Big companies especially are great to their customer, as customer is king. 

But what they forget is that the employee is the kingmaker. Shouldn't they be like Henry Ford who wanted to build cars his employees could afford? Because Henry Ford understood that if he built a car that his employees could afford, then definitely, his customers could also afford, and in fact, the employees will be motivated enough to create great cars.

It's the same thing with Apple. The iPhone stores look almost serene and are even have a worship temple feel to them. Yet, Steve Jobs was always banging on the table during company meetings and woe unto you if you didn't deliver. Perhaps what we should really ask is whether there is any company left that treats it's employees just as great as it treats it's customers.


Africa 54 View: 60 Years Down The Line, Same Problems That Encumbered Africa At Independence Are The Same Problems We Are Grappling With.

At independence in the 1960s, African countries had very basic goals. To have piped water in every home. To have electricity in every African home. To have a clinic within a five kilometer radius. Every family to afford three square meals a day. Every African yo know how to read and write. 

This is why every African Country came up with the 30 to 40 year vision statements, with most setting a target of year 2000 as the penultimate year they will have achieved these ideals. But the African leaders kept kicking this can down the road and now, it is anyone's guess whether these ideals will ever be achieved. 

This is a failure of leadership of huge proportions. The African leaders take their children to posh schools and hospitals abroad, without a care in the world whether their own schools and hospitals have the right Personnel and equipment. When Nelson Mandela said that there will come a time when the White man's land will no longer be safe for the African to travel to, he was prophesing to the Corona times we are in.

And this should be the lesson for African leaders. Build your own home first before you salivate at your neighbours accomplishments. Nigerian chief of staff Abbi Kyari died because of Corona last year. 

He got it while he had gone to Germany to find consultancy on the perennial power problems of Nigeria. That is 60 years after independence, not to mention he ignored Nigeria's own expertise at home.


World Ideas: As Amazon's Jeff Bezos Resigns, He Shows One Can Be A Great Visionary as Well as Executioner, Usually an Oil And Water Mix.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos coded his first Amazon website by himself. He started selling books online from this very basic website but understood that soon, e-commerce would be the next big thing. 

The issue of whether a founder or visionary can also be a great Executioner is what has dogged management scholars to date. Picture the debacle that Yahoo became. Founders Jerry Yang and David Filo were excited about the idea of Yahoo, and in fact, Jerry Yang said that Yahoo would be to the internet what CNN was to news back then when CNN topped the news ratings. 

Consider that at one point, Google considered selling to Yahoo for a million dollars. How times have changed. Now Google is the verb for online search, as Yahoo becomes a news tabloid. The only significant thing that Yahoo did was to invest in Alibaba and it's stake there is probably what keeps it going. 

Even for Google, it had to bring in a seasoned telecoms guy, Eric Schmidt showing the Google shareholders couldn't just trust the youngish Larry Page and Sergey Brin to move Google to the next stage. 

And so the question still remains on whether a great founder and visionary is also the one that should lead a company to it's maturity stage. Jeff Bezos success shows it can happen, Larry Page and Sergey Brin show it depends, while Yahoo's Jerry Yang shows it is a definite No.


 In the US, Medicine, Law, and Architecture, are professional graduate degrees. Meaning that you only enroll in them after completing an undergraduate degree. 

For instance, the first black female student government President of MIT is currently studying Mechanical Engineering but hopes to study patent law at Law School to plug in the racial Innovation gap. 

And perhaps that needs to be the case for Journalism. A journalist should be an expert first and a story teller second. That's the only way journalism will rise from it's current wretched status as an underdog profession and fight for it's place amongst the coveted degrees and jobs to pursue. 

And in fact, it should be the journalists that should be shaping the media agenda, not editors that are interested in salacious gossip and clickbaits as the stock in trade. 


Africa 54 View: The Tragedy For African Media Is That It's Led By Profiteers.

The media of Africa has failed Africans. It doesn't matter that the Western media shows that Africa is a common cold away from a pandemic. A war lord away from a cover war. A spoonful away from starvation. But by and large, the African media reinforces these stereotypes. 

Everywhere in the world has problems. It's the media that shapes what you believe in. For instance, CNN and by extent Hollywood, portrays America as the land of milk and honey, you would never know that there are homeless people in America, bankrupt American cities, unemployed Americans, daily gun violence from watching CNN or American movies.  

African media reinforces the narratives that the Western media projects on us. It really shouldn't be a problem what an average Westerner thinks of Africa. The problem comes when the same stereotypes are projected by Africans. In this end, why don't African media highlight our successes? For in today's world, perception is the new reality. And marketing Africa is like winking to someone in the dark, they'll never notice. 

In that sense then, rather than the African media being led by people that are invested in Africa, our dreamers, saints, and prophets, it is led by Profiteers that think owning a media company is just like selling beer. That it's all about profits. Not knowing that media is a public tool to inform, educate, and possibly, entertain. 


World Ideas: What Really Was Trumpism About?


Even though Donald J Trump is gone, Trumpism is here to stay. Some have speculated that Donald Trump would form a media channel to hold on to the 74 million Americans that voted for him. Others say that he could make a run again in 2024, or make way for his daughter, Ivanka Trump. 

Trumpism was built on loss of American white male previledge. White male middle class Industrial jobs have been disappearing to China by the millions and thus hollowing out the white standard of living. For instance, Apple design is done in the United States but the manufacturing is done at Foxconn corporation in China and lately India. 

At the height of the Industrial revolution in the 1950s and 60s, Ford and General Motors were made in America. The profits stayed in America, but not so in the information age when Apple has $200 million of cash reserves, the size of eleven Olympic Size Swimming pools, piled in safe tax havens like India. 

But Trumpism got it's economic complaints right, by focusing on disappearing American middle industrial class, but it got it's race relations wrong, by only focusing on the white middle class that is becoming a minority.


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